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Leak is being blamed for the deaths of six people at a poultry plant in Georgia. Overnight 11 people are in the hospital 11 soldiers from Fort Bliss in Texas were injured, two of them critically. The army reports. They ingested a substance while they were doing a training exercise. There is an investigation underway. Gun sales Still, hot supplies of handguns, long guns and ammunition were already running short at the end of last year. With the coming of 2021, says Gun shop owner David Prince. The gun's disappeared. We couldn't get him in fast enough. So where So many people buying their first firearms because of the state of affairs today specifically, says Sean, the riot at the Capitol. She has now signed up for a gun safety class toward getting her concealed carry permit. If you buy something, you have to know how to use it properly as shop owners try to meet the growing demand for guns generally in ABC News, so whole lot of people trying to learn more about this stock trading apt Robin Hood. They didn't find what they were looking for. In Twitter, though, when they followed Robin Hood on Twitter they were following the worldwide Robin Hood Society. It's about the legendary outlaw who robbed the rich to give to the poor, which the app seems to be the total opposite of the five orphan. Erica loves have a new home for the remainder of winter parks and wildlife spokesman Bill Vogue. Rin says officers found remote area on Pikes Peak for the Cubs to hibernate we built to dance. We try and keep Cubs. They're siblings together. And so we built to dance for the five Cubs three women one to win in another. They were twins. Hey says they're going to just leave him alone. Miller expected to re emerge in the spring. They were each weighing about £100 that were kept in a rehab center after their mothers died face We've Yes. No, go ahead. I'm sorry. Facebook is issuing an apology for consistently flagging references to a British landmark as offensive. Yeah, the social media giant said. It's Facebook community standards, repeatedly sanctioned post referencing the Ho in Plymouth. But the Plymouth Ho H. Oe is residents have dubbed it refers to a coastal landmark in the south of England because its slopes and curves Not the misogynistic slur. Did you have something else? Dad? Just that. Did I dump strike You with the word? Hope? No, I didn't. I was gonna jump on that thing. Although that is that is yours. But because I was reading the story and just started laughing about how you know people get Hellbent about those things. Sorry. Are we on the Facebook story or the bear story? The Facebook story. That's what I'm saying. Yeah, either of those stories people get. That's not even how you spell the word ho, the misogynistic slurred. Yeah, So there you go. 6 37 here on Colorado's Morning News, Money News with Pat Sports with BK, and we check in again with John Morrissey on that Friday morning, Dr.

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