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Person in any movie. I think So yeah let's let's have a little bit of a mop up on twenty twenty first of all and then we'll get into My five choices. So so so what. This episode is about is my five choices. My next burning five choices of. Why aren't these guys in. And these guys should be the ones you know. If i had my say a who would get in you know and one day i may I may become a little more involved in the rock hall. Because like i say i'm not a hater So okay so let's let's mop up on twenty twenty so so one of the why why. I really enjoy doing that. Episode sixteen is that they really tempted us this year with some astonishing very cool choices mc five. They'd been nominated a bunch of times before. I was surprised to see they've been nominated a a lot. There's a list you can see where mc five was nominated in two thousand three two thousand seventeen eighteen twenty nine thousand nine hundred twenty twenty completely bazaar So mc five was on that list Motorhead was nominated. Wasn't that cool. Thin lizzy was nominated. I did not expect. These soundgarden was nominated Bunch of other judas priest's was nominated but what happened so who got in this. This is a little annoying me after being tempted with so many great choices The ones that went in were depeche mode. Doobie brothers whitney houston nine inch nails notorious. B i g and t rex. I mean i would agree that that you know sensibly. Most of those should have got in. I wouldn't have been so big on notorious. B i g or t rex but the other four nine inch nails depeche mode doobie. Brothers and whitney houston. I find that sensible. And that's the other thing. I try to do with these rock hall rants whether it's in print or online or these episodes or whatever. I'm trying to be sensible about the whole thing. And when i did that episode sixteen you know i was. I was like thin. Lizzy one of my favorite bands of all time. Should they get in. I don't know at this point motorhead. Same mc five. Same thing but But so so. This list is pretty good except for it was really non metal You know compared to the mix of who was nominated all right. So let's get into our first selection here a my my latest five my five right now as i'm speaking here in november of twenty twenty Take a listen to this. This is blue.

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