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Dumping Out. He's Niles Buchanan. To Young Children and an adult a small town have encounter with an alien spaceship twenty five years later, the children one of whom now is the local sheriff are reunited in it just it goes on to. Say. Without War Neville brand. But Yeah Martin Landau was in the being I wanNA watch again. A mutated creature is wreaking havoc. Town in Idaho of police chief in government scientists team up to save their rural town from this menace. Look. At the box art, you've seen it. The being. Okay. Fish Person I don't know I. Don't remember seeing this movie. Can't wait. Written directed by Jackie. Kong. That's a woman. She directed night patrol. How Everything is connected move. She also directed blood diner, which I've seen that box so many times and never picked it up. Oh Yeah, two brothers are entrusted by their uncle to uphold the ritualistic cannibalism of the ancient cult of she tar in order to do. So they have to prepare a feast of sacrifice for the resurrection of their goddess. She Utah. Fuck as she tar. Heel not not herbal. Movie it looks like it has been kind of. Cool. Now Mind. It's kind of five point four stars on IMDB I mean. Nicholas. Made. That up. Allen. As she plays show you're. Of, course, she was in Vamp I. Mean Look that picture that straight from vamp. Want to see her. Nothing. Yeah Good Luck. On my God. Another has multiple Buydell, but I think they just released assembly race vicious lips. And it looks like a Glam band maybe eight. That's. Crash land on a planet. Did you see wrote and directed it? Albert Pune Sword in the source or. Okay, we have gone in so many circles. Out. which. Anymore. Radioactive Dreams. We talked about radioactive dreams. I need to see this because I really like both of those guys answer. telemark. Are we talking about vicious lip still? A radioactive dreams, same director but I like the John Stockton. Like an eighties, John Stockdale for sure going to do my science project that. That would be a lot of fun. Radio. We talked about this before when we were doing sword and the sorcerer but we didn't go into great detail I. Just I remember it and we talked about it I said I wanted to go back and see it. I've got to put it on a watch list. Click it's on a watch list so Probably, you. George. Sanity. Do I was trying to think of earlier that like a? was they you know he's always been the same age? Thing density. He's in those. Great on park every once in a while. All those movies. Nico Master Akkas. Another Greek guy he's to figure into my we'll do the was going to talk about. The movies. Okay. Options and George Kennedy Wings. Hauser. was three hander. Now that was nineteen eighty eight scientists poison the water supply of a small town turning the residents into homicidal main froma Kaido maniacs who. Who Kill each other and anyone who passes through. This sounds just like impulse. I talked to you about impulse that was with Sim Mathison. And Meg. Tilly. We talked about that because a small earthquake releases some whatever into the water supply that the cows drank and then passed it onto the milk. So anybody drank milk went frigging nuts yet sounds like that. Like George Kennedy's. Have you having water today. Years. No liquid has after. in they're like what a coffee drink coffee and there's a music thing that goes like. Movie I was. Adam. Yes. All right. You want to go into your your guy now. Or do you need me to go i? I and. That way when I, come back around to my yarn, it's not like me talking for like forty five minutes straight like I. Already have. All right. Well, my guy I just happened upon them because I went down some long yarns this morning. But he's been around since nineteen seventy. He was in the bill cosby show. He did one episode there he was credited in vanishing point nineteen seventy-one. I'm talking about John. Amos. This guy has been around for a long long time. Are we talking about the? Master exactly. Dialed in John. Amos. Probably was most famous from good times. He He's The dad he also did Sanford and son he was in one episode the funny side which I don't even know what that was and it was another TV series. Yeah something like that. He was in sweet sweet backs bad ass song. Yes. Fun Melvin Van peebles. Mario was in it as well. He played sweet bag. As a kid I guess. There's a Max van peebles to. As in a few things he was in. Nothing worthwhile. WHO's in the Casting Department for New Jack City Anyway, John. Amos as dawn a Lotta Shit. Did it episode of.

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