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Welcome to the aspirin abusive podcast under whose nate ryan joined here in daytona international speedway infield by jeff gordon talk sports analyst and occasional podcast listener do just learned i'm good as host but i'm not quite as good as a sounding yeah i i did find that out down but that's alright we've got it we gotta go now on no no it's it's seriously ah honor to be on a a love your perspective on this work also like you a lotta the guests that you have on your podcast oman or to be part of it i will precede being here since i just embarrassed myself by freeing turn your mike of natural again returned the favour and ask you about embarrassing moment great recently on twitter i've got to ask about the drive you may down the daytona where apparently you aggrieved a fellow person on the highway and and got a nice gesture about that at the top of the back story that has actually coming from orlando i flew down to orlando in the notice driving from orlando the new you've ever done that you know you get on i four nuns is crews long not doing anything wild and crazy i just was making my way to daytona beautiful day an i was in the the fast lane and that just happened to be a truck in front of me that was taken his time to move over to the slow lane as i was going by and i think i had the crew set in so i didn't really want to get on the brakes and turn to cruise off so i just kept going and i got a little bit closer to the to the truck then.

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