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Here. We are together again with up. Everybody okay the. I guess tonight is trevor dutch trevor. I said that. I said before you got in here that you were an artist and a musician in a model can you talk about. Can you talk about some campaigns. You've done because you really. I mean like i. After i explained we met doing a project for the usa network. In mr porter. That's right a refund gay. That's when we first met. I have no jonathan for going on ten years which is crazy and out of that. Ten years of only met him in person. This is going to like the fifth time now. We have to in touch over text but we never really hung out after after supporters. mister port. Yeah that's i mean samsung thing we've had we've done projects right but very fun projects. Yeah but you've like. I remember texting you once because i was literally like browsing g. q. Denia gesture mike okay. We're on the fly folks. I was browsing like just kind of skimming through g. q. And i remember a g. q. Advertisement did an awesome. My friend got me a great that you were doing it. It was a weird. It was like a colorful kind of clown tie. Remember we for stephen land. Is the soup company. They're based in brooklyn as well. So what were you are on the toilet looking through a magazine that he saw no. But i mean that's pretty exciting right. Yeah it was very cool. My one of my good friends. I've done more campaigns. Couple of book covers allnight. Oriels book covers the romance novels opposite. Say actually i brought you a bottle of wine romance. that's real. Just get random models to do this but yeah real people three pictures. You can call me fabio if i've been on i've graced the cover of seven of romance novels. I'd like a series or no all all different. Wow really really fun for people One was the wheel of time when was never surrendered to a scoundrel at the the scoundrel. Wow that's great. So did you get residuals for that. And now it's like. Oh two hundred bucks but cover unless it's like a major like topsoil and oprah book now. This is an interesting kind of look into the world of. I think mayo modeling. People have no idea how much of a racket can write. It looks glamorous on instagram with glamorous but really it's it's super hard. Do you move you know. you're from connecticut connecticut. I've been in europe for ten years. But i moved for modeling. You did an. I've been marlene off. Non for public five years now. Did you like were you. Recruited did I had a small agency in connecticut. And i shot with a photographer in new york from them and i fell in love with new york and i wanted to be here eventually. And he'll be built my portfolio. I'm here boy. you're lucky to be from connecticut. Well yeah because. I've i've couple friends who came from like hicksville seriously. Tennessee kentucky Mississippi they live like in trailer parks in. They were like. I don't even know how they were recruited but they were brought here for italy for modeling. And they like you know. They're they get some guy great bookings but they are broke a. Yeah all right. Well that's how i did the catering stuff. So what the top male model in the world. Who no one could make you know. I know szanto prize. One of them probably top ten. You have a he. Compared to women will get paid peanuts. It's all about. The women is such a women's industry. The the guy model feel sexist. Actually do you know. I mean would have you book a job. It's great to do so. Let's veer off here. Because i actually not before we get into the real meat. There was a scandal recently couple years ago about male models being sexually absolutely having you know luckily it hasn't You know i know wouldn't put my foot down until knock it off or if it's really weird i just leave or as people my booker who i want. I need to think about this because it was like the top photographers..

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