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Have company. I've traffic on the FIS follow us on Twitter at WIBC traffic. We're going to have a strange strange day guys. And I think we're all now ready for it at forty six degrees right now in the American standard cooling weather center. We're gonna have highs near eighty we're going to have those winds coming in. But though that wind advisory is gonna start at eleven o'clock. It's gonna run 'til eight PM according to our Hastings over there at wish TV is in the overnight hours. The winds are going to start in earnest, we're going to be keeping our eyes on the weather the stuff coming from the west coming over the winds coming from the opposite direction is it possible that we will have an attic activity, Tara Hastings things that will be more to the west more illinois's issue than Indiana's issue. But we all know these things change, and we are key. Pinger is on this pretty nutso weather system. That's coming in over the next thirty six plus hours, keep it here. Ninety three WIBC traffic with Matt and bear follow map bear, follow Matin traffic on Twitter. That's what you do, Matt and traffic map bear. We'll have the latest for you. The time is six eighteen. Lying. That's the allegation that amazingly. Got revealed in this conversation from the Senate preparations committee yesterday, Tony cats Ninety-three WIBC, it was a conversation with William bar, the attorney.

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