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Has been filling in the last four races with Kurt Busch being out with concussion like symptoms, so obviously a ton to unpack here, both about what it means for ty Gibbs, his future in the Cup Series, what's going on with Kyle Busch being inside our show gets racing, what happens with Kurt Busch in terms of when's he going to come back? I mean, should he come back really at this point in the regular season with just the Glenn and Daytona left before the playoffs? Like, I wonder if that comes into the calculus now with that team's decision there. You'd have to thank that may. Rex can happen anywhere or anything like that, but why not come back when the playoff starts? You know, don't put yourself in that position. Take as much time because he has that. Unless we have the two winners and then it's going to be a non issue with that. It wouldn't have mattered probably if he would have come back. So I don't know. But the question is about ty Gibbs and I'm just saying, I don't know where there's a seat in that Toyota camp, but Joe Gibbs or 23 11 racing, but Todd Gibbs deserves the seat. He's ready for a seat in cup racing. He does not need to be in Xfinity full-time anymore. Yeah, listen, I agree. Sometimes and it's a stupid saying. Hire good people and find a place for them. Okay? Ty Gibbs is good people when it comes to driving a race car. Higher tag Gibbs and find a place for it. That's how simple it is. Just as Dale said, he doesn't need to be an Xfinity racing anymore. You know, Rick Hendrick looked at William Byron and said, you're my future. You're the future of part of the future of white Hendrick motor sport. I'm committed to you now. We talked earlier about Ryan Blaney and Penske committing to him. Somebody needs to commit to ty Gibbs. Whether that's his grandfather, whether that's Michael Jordan. I don't know. You know what I mean? Somebody in that Toyota organization has to commit to him to say, you're our future. Because there's nothing but blue scan from this kid. He has done a phenomenal job, or an exceptional job. I think getting in a Pocono with no practice, being calm, talking them through it, and finally we go through two races, Indy was not going to be a spectacular. We didn't think. You still had a solid race. But we put him in a position, or they put him in a position so he could race at Richmond. And we actually saw him race. We saw him racing with Kyle Busch. And I think that that progression over a three race period in this car shows that he deserves are at least has the talent to be in one of these cars. Well, I'll turn around on you. Hire good people find places for them. Does it still apply to Kyle Busch? I mean, should Toyota find a place to kind of keep Kyle Busch in the fold if they decide that ty Gibbs. Okay, let's say this. Hire good people and find a place for him unless they want to pot load of money and you don't have the money, okay? So let me say that. And I'm not saying Kyle Busch wants a pot load of money, but he's worth a potluck on. Okay. He is worth a pot load of money. So I don't know the D lens

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