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It i know mark gastineau used to be here at board aborted talk could he not where it will that opposite tyco got a knock his blog all and if you don't do it he deserved talk and that's where tampi if you don't let it you got a back it up and this is finally do we we have to the more prolific trashtalkers about a square up in boxing elliot's two months on black non mayweather mcgregor as someone who put so much time and pride into their training do you think have has gone from one combat sport to another uh do you think mcgregor as a shot have you ever met him have you ever tori ali i do love mcgregor way talks yet but i'm going to give prompts to may where the people don't get mayweather decrypt he deserved mayweather can fight everyone i did it biz in may weather do all that of whatever the target may with a confi an argentina right now it is a it's going to be a slap in the face of boxing if mayweather don't take khanna early great every minute connor last had that rain macomb lagorce and were may barton look terrible night they were going mma and conner don't take may without early 12 may mmi lewis phase regular but right now mayweather is a professional boxer khan i hadn't bart's at all you do in may know he may look like he barked a box inner enemy fighters total diffa so i is the biggest fight in for the american people killed on remem anew donald trump so make america beautiful here let me odyssey and i know payperview gonna get pissed off at her support concept pissed off a shadow antigang glut in what we gotta do other people got demand this.

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