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He's defending on both nights. Night one is fighting at forget. Who's fight night one night. One is the champion match. They've said tonight one. Yes shirai and gonzales. Water and wolters got to defenses. Because he's doing one of the uk the uk thing before the energy and then he's doing what at the nfc okay. Okay and 'cause they've also announced there's a currently eliminator to take the north american title match on night to the card looks stacked like night one won'the champa yoshahara gonzales. The tag team triple threat. Stand in deliver. Yeah that's the wa match. Yeah so that's coke is as you go now. I think they might be thinking. I don't match which i want. I want the vets to win. I have phoenix gonna be. Msk by phil that gruesome young vets. Deserve it you know. I don't know yeah. And then obviously the golden eliminator and match to stack. So yeah. I mean champion. Uk champ car but changed. Things have happened. I thought maybe you wouldn't be shocked. Goal eliminator is already been done. Luminous rica shida ally night roderick. Strong austin theory drives swerve. Scott tyler us. Leon rough an jake atlas. It's gonna be hell of about two roy. The feeling it might be done kind of gonna be done. I honestly don't get at least one. That title yeah. I think. I think i don't think he's going to be a little bit. Because of the way that their main event thing is is book to the minute. But maybe north american plus who wouldn't want to see gaga nervous. Pete down i mean. There's never a dull day that you'd wanna see that you wouldn't want to see that to the unsanctioned kyla righty adam cole. Match which has been really really well. I thought that stuff on exceed last week was great very very good. And then obviously the gonna match the centers. Escobar jordan devlin Batch dexter showed michaels. How good is it to see showed. Microsoft dynamics.

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