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The jets win forty to thirty four over the Indianapolis Colts. A really interesting storyline developed four Indy. This backfield split Marla. MAC basically has his first full healthy game of the season. It was a MAC attack. Twelve eighty nine yard that for Khalil clear Mak Matthew, but twelve offense. A MAC attack. Twelve Rogers eighty nine yards for Khalil Mack plus one catch for four yards that as compared to ninety. Mm, hind to three Russia's for fourteen yards. Two receptions for twenty one yard. Here's the snap count difference Twenty-nine for Hines. Twenty-three for MAC. Do we think that we learned how the colts want to have their backfield operate going forward? Matthew. No, here's here's what I think. We got some clarity on Moreland Mexican be thing. Okay. This is a bad game for Naim Hines. He drops a pass in the end zone as well. That certainly did not bode well. And I think it was interesting that Marlin MAC and this is what Marlin MAC is hit. Three different carries yesterday that gained ten or more yards. And so he's a home run here. That's what he is. And it's one of the things on a team that currently lacks a lot of playmakers as we await the return of t. y. Hilton. And so on a team that doesn't have a lot of big playability. Yep. Here's a guy that has some big playability. And so I think what you saw is nineteen Hines who only gets three Russia's in this game. Got five total touches, but you know the previous week he'd gotten some work between the tackles, the crushing for nine Hinds is the colts through a little. I mean, we're talking like Andrew luck bunted from the one yard line and he's wide open the end zone and he jumped for some reason the ball just right. Yeah, he's had a couple of those issues, a rookie. It'll get better. But I will say this for me it. It was notable that Marla Mak played as much as he did. The volume was there. He was fully healthy again, good on the colts to sorta hold him back until they felt like he was a hundred percent and to your point to find it. He was somebody that was off the injury report. It wasn't like he was going to be a game fish in or that there was none of this dalvin cook. He'll be on limited, snap count or anything like that. So he was off the report seems to come out of this unscathed. And I think. I will have Marlin make ranked ahead of nineteen Heinz this week against buffalo. It will be close. It will be close in PR leagues. I don't think Hines suddenly loses valued at the tough match-up against the bills. But I do think going forward Marlon MAC certainly needs to be rostered. He has that kind of -bility on an offense that we think will be scoring points and feel. I assume he leads your waiver wire column. Marla. MAC is the top of the waiver wire columnist available about seventy four point, five percent of league. So consider him if you need a running back right now, the colts also got three straight games or have three straight games with ten or more targets from Chester Rodgers. Now, thirty two targets over the past three weeks. He has four for fifty five with a touchdown yesterday if deals doesn't play next week's to farm in who knows at this point. Well, I think is getting closer. We'll say this, they need him because they're, they just lost Ryan grant to an injury. And I think that's also part of why you saw some more targets. Go Chester Rogers way Ryan grant injured two catches on. Five targets for twenty four yards..

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