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In good hands I'm John Morrissey Kaylee newsradio eight fifty eight of ninety four one FM fox thirty one pinpoint whether we're on our way to a low of twenty six it will be in the fifties tomorrow but snow returns Thursday it's sunny and forty two degrees our top story on KOAA many state leaders say it's a bit too soon to re open life as we know it governor Gavin Newsom says deaths in California are at the highest yet in a twenty four hour period the most important framework is our capacity to expand our testing to appropriately address the tracing and tracking of individuals the isolation and the quarantine seventy one deaths were reported in California on Monday and governors and many states are working on regional plans for re opening when it will be safe it appears the White House is getting closer to re opening bid is this in America though today's the day we expect the president to announce a task force to work on economic issues we are standing by to bring you live coverage of the White House coronavirus task force briefing today at the White House earlier today the president hosted a group of Americans who survived coronavirus Carl Goldman tested positive he and his wife were among the passengers quarantined on a cruise ship docked off the coast of Japan is like we're on a peach of floating Petri dish we're watching the bodies get off daily off into ambulances taken out one by one he he thank the president for getting them back home D. I. A. is getting two hundred sixty nine million dollars from the federal government's cares act mayor Hancock says that money will be used to protect people's jobs and provide the support the airport needs to get through the covert nineteen prices nationwide the carers act is providing fifty eight billion dollars of loans to the airlines and six point five billion dollars of economic grants to businesses including many impacted by a lack of tourism D. I. A. as a pretty quiet place these days passenger traffic is down ninety five percent from a year ago to rebel Kaylee newsradio Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen says they're super busy in new ways we're having maps of growth in a pick up and delivery business because the current environment you know people not going out as much the parent company of king soopers says it has hired more than sixty five thousand workers nationwide in the past several weeks on Wall Street today the three major stock indexes all gained more than two percent today the Dow is up five hundred fifty nine points the nasdaq gained two three twenty three and the S. and P. five hundred added eighty four points our next update at three thirty I'm Cathy Walker on KOAA news radio eight fifty AM in ninety four.

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