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And the U. S tops the list of hot spots. There were more than 230,000 new cases reported yesterday. That includes more than 66,000 in the U. S. Top health official of Johns Hopkins University, says the country's fight against Corona virus isn't going well at all. It's really serious. I think the country is not in a good place with respect to covert right now. That's dr dot Tom Ingles be on Fox News Sunday says We shouldn't just accept hundreds of people dying from the virus every day, he suggested. The lack of unified message on things like wearing a mask. Inglesby advocates for the various mitigation members met measures meant to slow the spread of the virus, including face mast, and, he says, in some cases States may have to consider shutting things down again. Florida accounted for most of the cases in the US yesterday, up nearly 15,000 in New York. Some good news, the city they're reporting zero Covad 19 deaths of first since the disease hit. Once the nation's epicentre of the virus in New York City ended a four month stretch where they had a death every day since March 11th. More than 18,000 people have died there since its first tally. The CEO of KinderCare says his company has been forced to shut down numerous facilities across the country do to Corona virus outbreak the last three months. We closed about 70 of our centers for 14 days. Oh, and we have closed 120 of them for 72 hours on. White says the difference in the amount of closing time is based on the number of positive cases in a facility. Despite the closures, why'd says they keep Children in one classroom? And require all teachers to wear masks. Among other mitigation efforts. Researchers and doctors in northern Italy say the long term effects of cove in 19 even on people who suffered a mild infection could be far worse. Then originally thought, psychosis, insomnia, kidney disease, spinal infections, strokes, chronic tiredness and mobility issues. All are being identified Informer Corona virus patients in Italy. In the Lombardy region, the worst affected region in that country. The doctors warned that some victims may never recover from the illness and that all age groups are vulnerable. Chicago coming off another violent weekend filled with gun violence. At least 60 people have been shot across the city over the weekend. At least 10 of those have died during the recent George Floyd demonstration Complaints against Chicago Police skyrocketed. WG Ens James Here's report. Sometimes review finds police complaints hit record levels last month, including one day June 4th with nearly 100 complaints. Between May 26th and June 29th. There are more than 900 of them black lives matter claims it reflects a spike in police brutality for comparison in 175 complaints were filed during the NATO summit, and there were 79 complaints after the Laquan McDonald video was released. James Sears wg anew and now W. G and sports. Here's handy Maser Ray are the Redskins No longer the Washington NFL franchises retired the nick name and logo, according to achieve statement. A thorough review into the nickname again on July 3rd, has now concluded with the retiring in the name of the logo. A new nickname has not been announced. Yet. Reports do indicate, though, that the color scheme of Burgundy and gold will stay even after the change NFL players around the league going to find out today whether they're going to be reporting to camp in a couple of weeks. Llegan Union report. We will discuss their plan to get things back to work. The players want daily testing and no preseason games. The league, though favoring testing on alternate days and two preseason games. Lakersguard Rage on Rondo broke his right thumb and practice with the Lakers yesterday in Orlando. The veteran point guard not will be out for 6 to 8 weeks. Sock summer camp Continuing yesterday on the South side, there are a few highlights, including a couple of home runs from Tim Anderson, one from Andrew von. They ain't gunning three scoreless innings of work the White Sox back an inter squad action later on today, it guaranteed rate field at the Cubs summer camp. Anthony Rizzo took some live attic practice for the first time still day to day with back stiffness. Manager David Roscoe said that he thought Rizzo look good. He'll be evaluated later today. Jon Lester, looking good and his first outing in the summer to plus innings of work and four strikeouts. Prep for the playoffs beginning today for the Blackhawks and other teams around the end each other qualified for the postseason training cancel officially open later today. Across the league Hawks will be in Edmondson in a few weeks for an opening round playoff series against the Oilers Game one of the best of five series coming up on August 1st on the home of the Blackhawks, Northwestern Wildcats and White Sox baseball. Andy Maser wds Pour Your Money on W G N stocks are up in early trading on Wall Street this morning as CEOs across the country Repair to tell their investors how much money they made or lost in the spring as the Corona virus pandemic pounded the economy. The S and P 500 right now is of more than percent of 33 points. The Dow is of 330 Nearly a percent in 1/4. The NASDAQ is up 145 points, nearly a percent and the half Treasury yields also climbing, though some hesitant still hanging over the markets as the price of gold tick higher Wall Street expecting most CEOs to report dismal results for this spring, But analysts are forecasting that the second quarter likely marked The bottom four earnings declines. Hedge fund Chatham Asset Management says it plans to buy newspaper McClatchy out of bankruptcy, ending 163 years of family control. And I'm Steve Britannic. John Chicago's very own 7 20 W G. N little that I know when.

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