America, North Carolina, Byrd discussed on The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds - 295 - Swamp People of Carolina


This is an air of our basically if you're right you're wrong right like we are like anybody's right ever but nobody wins okay yet deal i'll shake that by this time the indentured servants simply no longer had any chance to ever own land anywhere in america so they went to where they could squat which a lot of the times is swampy shitty land right so land went to fewer and fewer hands in this became even more so as african start pouring into the country is slaves right right so byrd was set down to see what was up with north carolina uh get the fucking scope on things three hour tour and when he and his group of other surveyors arrived i'm rooting for danger they said they felt like they were on a medieval crusade gay people came out of huts to stare at the strange men from virginia cher cher cher okay all right that's a vibe book my name's paradigm is quite as smell coming up supposed to be on your face we're mad oh no doubts shit oh good demand pow was taken lied down in our swamp nope get in a who would love to we're going to tight day just quite at one than me teeth last one to be here for the moment all right friend i'm just could actually move with my arms is go through the i'll swim i'll swim new swim in quote it was as if we had been morocco ambassadors i don't know what does that minutes pierre time will then they looked at them crazy but then you then they look like these strange creatures from other right from another country will these survey agent these surveyors at brought a minister with them and they and they went about sprinkling holy water on people and trying to baptized children this is now a wholly swamp.

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