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Back goes bradley on the truck he's the wall jeez monument park thanks sticks erin hicks is his second home run of the game the yankees of five home run they sell david price and the yankees taken eight nothing lead unbelievable and for good measure hicks at one more here we go one to one hundred drilled right that high far as gone second deck aaron hicks as a three homer game ex nance wonder that sticks drives one into the second decade right and the yankees ten nothing lead well what a field day last night but yankees my god i if i'm not mistaken the only yankee hit four home runs in a game is lou garrick i think lou gehrig at four i don't think any other yankees done that but obviously aaron hicks the latest yankee their three in a game but i'm pretty sure gary hit four home runs in a game but they just they just annihilate annihilate david price they don't want to say something you put an ad shot sets on i just want to point data they have more home runs for the all star break that ever their history is that right how many they have now it's a lot on a pace to break the all time record for most home runs in a season by anybody so the yankees loaded and i still say at the end of the year and i've you know obviously they start their threegame series it would atlanta now that'll be interesting with the braves come into town but at the end of the at the end of the year i still think the yankees are gonna win the division i just think the better in boston i think they got more guys in a red sox to just do i really do and i understand sonny gray gray scares you but to me david price scares me every bit as much as sunny gray scares me sunny greg guests anybody but certainly david price against the yankees forget about it and i'm telling you right now boston and you're playing the yankees in a big series late because i think it's going to go right down to the end you've been on the yankees will eventually winning division or they play in the playoffs how can you pitch price against the i don't know how you do it i really don't by the way brazil taking a one nothing lead one nil lead on mexico now in the world cup so that's going on right now no evan obviously rooting for mexico you can put a couple of chuckles on mexico.

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