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Full the Ted Williams tunnel is back to route one a Sumner and heavy inside the tube there but not quite as bad as the Ted right now Lori Greiner WBZ's traffic on the three RD bright sunshine in Boston this morning a few puffy clouds starting to show up as well but it is very cold it's just thirty three degrees here in the city colder in the suburbs and today we're not going to get much out of the thirties in fact will be hard pressed to hit forty here in Boston much colder with the wind chill factor figured in to my starts out cold it gets a little bit milder towards the tail end of the weekend Sunday and Monday feature temperatures in the fifties but your plan to do some yard work tomorrow and get those leaves off the lawn you'll be scraping up some frost at least in the early going it's nine oh five and thirty three degrees in Boston a drug cartel delivers pay back in Mexico for one of the cops who helped arrested the son of notorious drug kingpin Joaquin el Chapo goes mine that police officer shot dead in an ambush in yet another story of just how violent some parts of Mexico can be one of the police officers who arrested el Chapo's sons last month was just shot execution style video shows the officer driving up to a store in the Mexican state of Sinaloa a car pulling up next to it with two men running out and shooting him more than one hundred fifty times the officer's name is at war tell an elite police officer who was partly operation to arrest the son of el Chapo though he wound up being freed soon after police have not found the gunmen math paper CBS news a bit of a Cinderella story playing out before our eyes in Woburn where nearly two dozen pop Warner football cheerleaders find out the dreams really do come true WBZ's Karen regal says the girls finally claim a victory after being told they couldn't go to national competition at.

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