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On the other hand if you go into any of the other indecent chicago you find a different environment the the other part of this too is just the publishing industry as a whole because you know you kind of have part and parcel with the when i it's it's sort of a gang and yang relationship with the companies that are publishing books and they've gone through a lot of struggle and and i think of milt rosenberg show here extension seven twenty where authors were coming through chicago to publicize almost to the first stop they say we gotta go to chicago then we're gonna go on tour or send these authors out today it's much different they don't send the authors out they seem to be more efficient and more penny pinching when it comes to promotion of these books how does when you're when you're trying to develop relationships with your your customer and try to get them in the room for events how do you do that when the industry around you seems to be shrinking well i am very very fortunate to be in evanston because at an awful lot of authors come from evanston then live in evanston came from evanston originally or their in sister-in-law lives in evanston so we've we've people just have dropped into our laps we did a wonderful event with ron stallworth who was the original black klansman and wrote the memoir that the movie was made and that was a family connection he'd been in our bookstore with some family on a previous trip and he loved it and he said i wanna come back into an event so we had him sarah rule comes from evanston and chicago is very rich that way so i it's not the same thing as you know living somewhere out in the middle of nowhere where you you really do have to either pay for an author to fry in or but but we have a rich leary community here and we also do a lot of things with our native literary population we routinely we have a poetry night on the last friday of every month and that is the rhino poetry journal which is headquartered here and a lot of local poets show up for that you know we we we work a lot with local authors it's it's a great literary city nina barrett's my guest she is the owner of book ends and beginnings in evanston the bookstore there and she's also going to be at the printers rollet festa for panel on saturday chicago by the book writing that defines a city we're gonna talk about that and talk about your work as an author coming up here right after the break number my guest here on extension seven twenty stay with us seven twenty w._g._n. extension seven twenty and justin kaufman nina barrett's my guest it's gonna be at lit fest on.

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