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He wants to take office and find that American people at this stage in the intelligence community is is so well it really it hurts our efforts frankly and so cleaning out all the all the corrupt people get bringing them to light firing that you know getting all of this as long as painful as it might be to the surface as quickly as possible would benefit not only president trump going for but any president going forward so the longer they suppress this the more they hurt the country and and in fact hurt themselves so that's all I've just been perfect I appreciate there are a lot of good men and women working in the intelligence and of our government and a few bad apples are trying to mess with the entire barrel of apples and I'm with the I think we need to get them out and let the good ones who are in there for the right reason do their jobs I appreciate your day thank you so much be safe Michael Palca my name sitting in for my friend Chris plant on the Chris Plante show you wanna join the conversation you're more than welcome to I I have so much audio here today I know I said I was going to get to my tribute to Kaylee mac in any I I might need a little more time I might need to carve out a little bigger chunk of time we will see but you can join the conversation of triple eight six three zero nine six two five eight eight eight six.

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