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Obviously the biggest biggest game of the night after the. You know the game in the afternoon with florida. Alabama was in happy valley. It was the whiteout atmosphere auburn visited. And you know just sitting in our green room like that game felt different than all the other games. Just the energy in there Even even to some degree compared to the florida one. I felt like just again. Maybe it was because Because of the night atmosphere because of the whiteout something about it I thought auburn's defense. Actually i thought played really really well. I mean it was hard for noah kane and a in some good running backs to get anything going But is a big win for a big win for the big ten as much as anything. I mean what was your takeaway from watching that. That penn state team which order now has to really good wins by the way the first three weeks of the season. Yeah i mean incredible scene and then afterward holly rose interviewing james franklin and sean clifford and and they're fired up. They had this big win in. It's almost like last year. Twenty twenty never happened you know they. They hardly was just last season. They started owen five and we knew there are a lot of weird circumstances that went into it. But you can't ask for better way to just kick that to the curb by beating wisconsin auburn to the first three weeks of the season. I haven't seen the new people yet are have to think solidly in the top. Ten at this point are should be. They should be in the top five. At this point. I think part of the cfp conversation The defense has been terrific In both games Tank big she had. I think over one hundred yards but in a knicks. And i feel like this is the story of his whole career. struggled mightily in that atmosphere. But i think the thing i'd be most encouraged about is sean clifford. Who had a miserable season last year. he only had four incompletions the entire night he found. It just seems like anytime. They needed a big play. He would find johan dotson or one of the Why penn state always has a great tight end bigger. Great pass catching tight end so yeah. It was a really big win for them. I i wrote about this in my final thoughts com towards the anchor street. When are a little bit of a soliloquy about how this had been such a great week in such a great atmosphere specifically because it was the big ten versus the sec. And we think about it in auburn had just entered the top twenty five the week before there wasn't this wasn't a team that this wasn't a ohio state oregon type game where you seen coming offseason. It felt as big as it did because auburn's in the sea and anytime you can beat an sec team it's a measuring stick game. And so i'm thinking about that going. Yeah he said he said. I hope we have more of these In the future as i agree i more big tennessee. Seattle get the better. And then it's like how come the big ten wants to be part of this alliance. Where if anything did they. They're some saying they can't schedule the sec. But are you really going to. If you're already gonna play one. Acc one pac twelve team every year. There are some great home homes. Already scheduled especially ohio state alabama. Don't have say georgia. So we have that to look forward to but george Mr been going out there. preaching the gospel the alliance. Anybody who will listen and has been very adamant that it's going to be those two games a year Scheduled not ten fifteen years in advance but but right before the seasons the best possible matchups. And don't get me wrong. I think it's a great idea. I do like it. But i feel like the acc in the pac twelve needed way. More than the big ten does. If i'm the big ten you know forget this like spite toward brig sankey and whatnot. You're the big ten year you your you make as much money if not more than the sec. You're not the ou texas things not threat to you in any way play them. I want more penn state auburn. I don't want more penn state. Virginia penn state utah. Or whatever you know games. They're going to sleep. Is part of this thing. I agree i agree. It was like it just felt like a big game. Look you're gonna get some of those ups that we're not gonna care about you're not going to care about northwestern vandy for instance and you're gonna care about it but no one else is like there are. It's when it's when it's big on big that we care about big stadium big venue just bigger rankings on big on big in the alliance when it's high if it's gonna be ohio state playing oregon or clemson or i don't know florida state ever figures itself out. We'll get the right but the difference with the sec There's nine or ten teams that you could put on the schedule. And there and the penn state fans or the ohio state fans are frankly any big ten fans are gonna be like. That's a big game. We want prove ourselves against auburn against arkansas. Against ole miss and certainly alabama lsu florida. So i'm not saying. You should necessarily kevin warren get out of your non contract with those other two conferences necessarily but i just i feel like they might be boxing themselves in an frankly settling a little bit. I know that it wants. You can't extrapolate too much from one season with the acc and the pac twelve have terrible this year with one exception obviously oregon over our house may be the best non-conference victory. Anybody has all season but just yesterday we watched colorado lose thirty two nothing to minnesota. We watched utah. Lose to san diego states we watched arizona where arizona. They're so bad lose to northern arizona and then the most you know the most The toughest one for the pac twelve. You know you're already kind of looking at only two teams organ. Ucla to carry the banner for ucla loses a thriller to fresno state behind one of the all time great quarterback performances from jake hainer at fresno state so back close down to one undefeated team in the acc down to two in those two are. Wake forest nbc. That's pretty the that sounds pretty bleak. Love is somebody three undefeated. They're gonna fall. Keep falling and everything like that Shallow to jake hainer. I mean if you didn't get a chance to see the game because you don't have packed all network pretty much everybody but You like. I've never seen a player looks so in agony as he did The the one touchdown pass. He threw a didn't like that had to be a late hit because nobody was near him when he released the ball. And then you realize the play before he got he got really hit by two guys and Avocado kind of drilled him in the in the ribs or like you know. It looked like he was wincing from that. The rest of the game and total agony and i thought Our friend you'll roth. I thought did a very good job of telling jake hainer story and working in into the broadcast and you really is interesting. Kid like the moms like a big.

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