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And in turn his officers are responding our focus is on education on making sure that the community members understand number one he orders and that the conduct that they are engaging in is in violation of those orders and the need for them to not do that for really the safety and health of everyone involved Manley says his officers are not looking for order violators but if they do pull someone over and we'll be letting folks know what orders main John Cooley newsradio kale BJ covet nineteen growth continues for Hays county which has climbed to forty two cases but only thirty two are still active because ten people have now made full recoveries Williams county reports fourteen of its fifty five cases of also recovered and only thirteen people were ever hospitalized Bastrop county not reporting any recoveries but seven confirmed cases and other number of recoveries in Travis county is also still unclear the Williams county's total number of cases is far lower than Travis county but that may be because of a shortage of test kits according to judge bill Gravelle Williams county only has a hundred and thirteen kids Booker bell says he'll make an announcement today or tomorrow about some new kids that he's found and how many the county expects to purchase often sixty day grace period for renters is now in effect in a vision hearings have been on pause for weeks Rebecca gale with Austin's neighborhood housing and community development department told CBS Austin the council could approve another relief plan next week we have a team of experts in the city of Austin that are cohesively working together to respond in a way that will offer the greatest agility possible and she says further details of that relief plan should be revealed tomorrow currently there is no antiviral for code nineteen but researchers with UT health say that could be changing Dr Thomas Patterson says trials are already underway for new medicine and it's showing some promise it got the drug in just a compassionate basis appeal the very early one showed rapid clearance of the virus he says this was actually first tested during the twenty fourteen Texas Ebola outbreak but it wasn't wasn't effective then the bad news those these trials could last a year or longer the cover nineteen pandemic is projected to cause up to a two year downturn for the state's most lucrative industries the Texas railroad commission regulates the state's oil and gas industry commissioner Ryan Sitton modeled out how long it could take for demand to return to pre cold late nineteen levels the best case after thirty days of sheltering in place demand to rebound by August if it's a sixty day downturn the sixty day shelter in place then we would return back to our our normal trans this is March of twenty one shooting says a hundred twenty day shelter in place would delay a return to normalcy to June twenty twenty two at the capitol Chris fox news radio que LBJ around rock school district scrambles to address what it calls an ill timed April fool's joke an image on social media that looks very much like an official message from the superintendent says all in home schooling has been canceled and all students will have to repeat the current grade level but the district says this is absolutely false the at home instruction does begin in Round Rock on Monday and speaking of Round Rock it is sixty degrees up there right now I'm Patrick Osborne get Austin news on demand it news radio cable B. J. dot com hi this is don and you're listening to the best of Tom and don right now now we're gonna be live at five thirty so you don't go anywhere and will be on all the way till ten thanks.

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