Katie, Nike, Jared discussed on Herman Cain


Just not looking good. This is terrible. And then the next day. What? Since you've started talking about it. It gets up twelve points. Effect on the markets. The markets often look look to this show. Honestly, there's obviously if you really really understand the market you can do something with it. You can I don't understand the market. I don't know. How many people really do understand? Why? If you think about it stock market is a forecast right for the future. So if things are going up, you're forecasting that. Hey, the future looks good. The next two months. Three months. Maybe the next job numbers came out earlier today. Great. Yeah. Let's let's good. I gotta dividend from Nike yesterday. Looking good one cent. Well, really -gratulations moving on up by the rich just keep getting richer looking better every day. Remember when he was just a snotty nosed kid look at them now dividend. Penny. Well, don't spend it all in one place. I promise my friend. But then if you if it goes up six hundred one day, and you're thinking, well, okay. Then people collective wisdom in the market believed that the future is bright. What in the world could possibly happen in twenty four hours that turns that into six hundred down or a thousand down if they're just really bad prognosticators? That's not a sexual term Jared. Thank you. They're not good visionaries. They're not they're not. I how can you go that far? I can understand going up two hundred going down one hundred that's still in the same relative area of right? What is the next three months six months or year? Look like, but where do these these wild fits where on Wednesday? You think the next year is just going to be wonderful and on Thursday. You know, Katie bar the door. Everybody is get out. It doesn't make any sense. I just wanted to use that phrase. I never have before in the Katie bother door who's Katie? And who's Dan rather? Who's behind the door to say that? Yeah..

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