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Mariano? Bob Sheppard the late great Bob Sheppard announced some enter Sandman by Metallica. Michael Riedel one of know, why Rivera who he called? Manny rivera. No. Call them Sandman. Yeah. Well, that's obvious. Why he put the opposing batters to sleep because he was boring. No. He had a great cutter is a great pitcher. Anyway, another former Yankee pitcher Messina also made the hall of fame, this whole unanimous thing gets me because Babe Ruth wasn't unanimous and Willie Mays and tie Cobb and all the other greats were unanimous. So I'm happy for Rivera was a great player and a great guy. But you know, there are other players who should have been unanimous before him, and they weren't because of baseball writers, you know, 'cause writers in general are just an odd lot. If you write for a newspaper. We're a talented lot an odd. Also in the big three Newark airport closed for a time yesterday drones in the area. Rounding out the big three. The Senate is going to vote tomorrow on two bills to end the government shutdown. I can't wait because he stand the chance that needs to happen. Oh shut up. All we need to him. He's you're right. We have more tickets to see the who that's coming up at eight thirty. We will play name that who song you have a chance to win some tickets. But seriously that who song? Well, that's what it is. Well, I was thinking. Who is Natalie? Now. Now, you can say name the song from the who you have to phrase it better. You can call it. A who song? I think. You can call it. They're so simple. Bob, so simple. Now, you're calling me Dame's I want you to know that I'm not so simple. I am as on the moderate side of insanity. Navigate Joe Bill wider of the moderate side of Zemin's. Correct. That's what his name is. I thought that was I figured that was a compliment. Well, that's because you just simply not enough. I think those Catholic boys are guilty of being racist. I did not say what you do. And I've noticed the pattern. It took me a year to figure it out. You just take something I think and explode into some other issue. I never said they were racist. I never said there were one hundred percent at fault. I never said any of that. But you imply it you do you do. Imply bartlett. I gotta help Michael. A big famous newspaper writer. Len let me tell you what your pattern is. You say no, I understand. I know the video was longer. I'm not saying that they're guilty. Then there's this pause. And then comes the baht, that's the implication. And that's what you really think. Ooh. You guys haven't even been gathering a year yen honeymoon's over. I just did it ever start. Never never consummated. Here's the problem. And it's the problem not which just this issue is the problem with America today. It's a problem with FOX and CNN everything to everybody is either black or white and everything I don't mean racial, everything is either one side hundred percent or the other side one hundred percent, no one ever considers nuance or grey areas. And I think that's a problem. What did those kids? Do what did the kids do? Do I have to say again? Oh, look at the videos. You found everyone. You heard them yelling about the rape in one of those. I heard that. But because I told you, but look at you know, what they were under attack fine. Okay. They weren't a hundred one hundred percent innocent. They were kids waiting for the bus. They were. Yes. Hundred percent kids waiting for. And they ended up being taunted by this other group. And then the next thing, you know, the guy with the drum comes and confronts them, the Vietnam veterans, Vietnam better. So everything they didn't set is totally excused. Provoked by that other grew. We've we've dealt with this. Hey, the President Presidents turning into Johnny. Cochran. Remember OJ's lawyer? Yeah. If it doesn't fit you must have. That's right. Yeah. So the president build the wall and cry wolf all I like that. Held the wall and crime will fall we build the wall cry wolf all this is the new theme for two years until the wall is finished under construction now of the Republican party use it and pray. Wallet cry wolf all I don't know about that. Yeah. Is that a prayer wall? Like they have their in Jerusalem. I don't know. By the way. One more thing about the kids. I see. Well, here we go. Here's the boss. See what one guy wants to say one caller wants to say, he says, I'm always anti Trump. This has nothing whatsoever. Because they had make America. Great hats. Exactly, right. There's been convicted. I of the mainstream media they had make America radio within my mind, and in my heart pretty much. Yeah. We we can read you, absolutely. Nothing whatsoever to do with the fact, they worrying maga- hats. Zero. There's no there's no coming. All right. Yeah. Did he? So what are these two bills tomorrow? What has finally voting the Senecas Mitch McConnell has ended his winter hibernation? So they're going to have to build tomorrow. One will be with a wall that will be the Republican side. The Democrats will have opened the government without the wall. Neither will get passed. And even if one of them if the non wall gets passed. President's going to veto it. And I would think so. Yeah. Yeah. So is this right back where we started house. This has to end it's not fair. I know Michael every time CNN puts up a furloughed employees. There's another bleeding heart up there. These people are hurting, Michael. Here's just cruel cold. You don't care government was what are you gonna do for them? They're totally pawns in this game. But the data held hostage. It is Trump who extended the hand of compromise Lenny he put forth a proposal and immediately. It was rejected by Nancy Pelosi because she feels that she's winning this battle, and she doesn't have to do anything. Now, Trump is trying to compromise. It's the Democrats who are unwilling to compromise. And that is why eight hundred thousand people are not getting paychecks the Democrats fault. So you think it's a compromise when he's giving back temporary DACA for three years. He's the one who took it away. So now that I took it away. I'm gonna give it back. There's my big compromise. That's a very Big Joe Joe the parrot over. Eh Joe every time. Yup. Tracker guys, white conservative old version of Yup. Exactly, right. Exactly. Right. Len. You can't absolve the Democrats from responsibility. They as well as I think a wall is just a vanity project that is not going to stop crime is not going to stop drugs. It's not gonna stop anything. He says it's going to stop the president wants money for the wall, the compromises, yo you they don't come five billion and given two billion. He builds part of this. Doc. I think they'd be willing to give them the money. No not. It'd be willing to give them the money and call a border security, and he can do whatever he wants with. It has that fine fine. I think they can do that. I wish they would. But what happens if he uses it to build the wall that nobody knows fine. I think you can take five point eight billion. I if I were a democrat Nair said, let's throw a couple of billion cut it in half three two point nine whatever border security, two point nine give us give us the visa, whatever. The other program was deal fine with that's the deal. He would take. But the Democrats. He took a deal last time. And then Laura Ingram said no good or Ann Coulter said no good. All right. Coming up next year, right? This is like a bobble head over there. Hey coming up next year. Give it away. 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