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You know obviously in an era where and the sp 500 gained zero six and a half percent and a quarter meal may people might not be too pleased with that but it's something that you know if you on diversify and you know not be too exposed if you feel like markets are little frothy you know going up in credit quality highquality corporate bonds agency mortgages you know take that clip that coupon essentially and i have less price volatility than some of the other uh more risky securities thanks for being with us always a pleasure brian should pata he is a us treasur supporter for bloomberg news and yes he can be followed on twitter be japan a cha double p a doubled t a the deal the kfqd addict ford's luxury brand lincoln what is the future for the brand well here to help us understand it is said jamie butter use our us autos reporter for bloomberg and jamie always a pleasure you can be followed on twitter mitton harka am i t e n and then just hawk h a w k are admitting hawk tell us what is the deal with the lincoln brand for tell us how many they sell and what are they trying to accomplish lincoln is a recurrent prayer in here in the us for near the the big brandford leader in the luxury market the volume luxury market are real mercedes bmw and lexus and they all fell three hundred thousand or more a year and lincoln you'll barely cracked one hundred thousand so it's not really getting enough volume to justify you know the cost of product development and endeavour.

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