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Twenty-nine KCRW. Thanks so much for being with us for all things considered. Roger along for the ride on this beautiful Friday afternoon. Coming up on the program, Catholics in Southern Baptists have faced clergy, sex abuse allegations and leaders of both denominations, met this week that discuss their problems. But how do they plan to prevent abuse in the future? We'll talk more about that. Also coming up Thomson is one of Hollywood's fastest rising stars. More from the actress about being in John realms. Starring new movie men in black international about her diversity initiatives within the entertainment industry and state, and local news, coming up three thirty two why the season benefactor worker from van Nuys could. Shave, how thirties target people for deportation. Migrant advocates say woman has become a symbol of conditions at the border as well after these headlines coming up from NPR stay with us. Live from NPR news, colder City, California. I'm Wayne Brown. They top diplomat for Africa says he heard harrowing counts of Sudanese crackdown on protesters while visiting her tune this week. He says he had a Frank conversation with military ruled government and Michelle, Kellerman reports assistant secretary of state Tibor Nash says he had quite an exchange of us. Dan's transitional military council. He's calling for an independent investigation into last week's deadly crackdown on protesters ended transition to civilian rule. Now fears other possible scenarios. With the type of chaos. That exists in Libya or Somalia, another negative scenario would be the return of the over. Gene Dan's longtime ruler. Omar el-bashir was ousted in April. Assistant secretary notch says the new US on voi- for Sudan, Donald booth continues to work with regional powers to avoid those scenarios. And to advance mediation efforts, Michelle Kellerman, NPR news, the State Department. President Trump says the US has evidence Iran was behind explosions, and fires onto oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, Iran. Strongly denied involvement in the alleged attack yesterday, the US military released video that it says shows Iran's revolutionary guard removing and unexploded mind from one of the ships acting Defense Secretary. Patrick Shanahan says the Pentagon is trying to build international consensus by releasing video about Tehran's actions. We have an international situation there in the Middle East. Not a US situation and the focus for myself and Basser. Bulletin secretary pump pale is to build international consensus to this international problem State Department says, Iran is retaliating over economic sanctions. The US imposed after pulling out of the twenty fifteen nuclear agreement. You're listening to NPR news. And this is KCRW. It's a Friday June fourteenth. Good afternoon. I'm Larry Parrella. Here's what's happening at three thirty to a federal appeals court has ruled at a Mexican man, who was arrested during a raid van is manufacturing plant should not be deported. KCRW Daryl, sats been reports the decision is rebuked to immigration authorities, and it may influence how they target factories and other workplaces in the future Gregorio Perez was one of one hundred thirty workers arrested when immigration and customs enforcement agents stormed, micro solutions enterprises a maker of printer cartridges, this was back in two thousand eight Perez, who had entered the country illegally from Mexico disclosed. His immigration status during questioning, and he was targeted for deportation. But the American Civil Liberties union took up his case arguing that the search warrant obtained by is only authorized the seizure of documents, not people, a panel of ninth circuit court judges in San Diego. Agreed that Peres shouldn't be deported because his arrest was outside the parameters of the warrant legal experts say, the decision could force ice to more fully disclosed its plans in search warrants at work sites. At KCRW, Daryl sats reporting Myra advocates are highlighting poor conditions at a Texas border patrol facility. They say the case of a premature baby found with her teen. Mother antisemite is a prime example of what immigrants detained after crossing the US Mexico border facing. The mother is allegedly a seventeen year old from Guatemala who gave birth in Mexico, in may and the border in June. They say she was in a wheelchair in extreme pain. When advocates founder this week at the facility in mcallen, the bid was described as miniscule and advocates say she should have been hospitalized and. And the Santa Clara county district attorney's office says it will no longer file charges against most people arrested or cited slow soley for possessing small amounts of illegal drugs..

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