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The Mbita is holding another virtual hearing tonight at six o'clock on Beacon Hill. The state Senate joins the House in improving a budget amendment that would expand access to abortions in the Commonwealth. WBC's Carl Stevens with the update, State Senator Harry A. Chandler, the prime sponsor of this budget amendment. Says it's needed because women should be guaranteed in state law access to an abortion, she said. The time has come for urgent action because of what a conservative U S. Supreme Court might do with Roe v. Wade. This amendment rights the protections enshrined by Roe v. Wade under state law. Has been re drafted to ensure it is applied to political subdivisions of the Commonwealth as well. Carl Stevens, WBC Boston's news radio, It's 1 18, a chilly day, a town rivalry of football game and a Thanksgiving feast. This is the usual recipe for a good Thanksgiving in Massachusetts, but It's not a typical year, and the beloved high school football tradition is a no go this year. WBC's drama Holland tells us how this week is going to be extra tough on the kids. If not the biggest Thanksgiving is always one of the biggest games of the year for the high school football player. It's hard to get used to having so much free time during the fall. Yes, same It really makes you feel like you're missing out. No football this year at Newburyport High School or for the rest of Massachusetts, and Trevor and Jason say that this Thanksgiving is just going to be different and quite honestly rough, knowing there's no game next Thursday. We're really excited to play this year and everything that came with that. They just hope, especially a seniors. There will be a football season for them in the winter, Drew Mohammed WBZ, Boston's news radio, a Christmas tree and bright and that many considered not to have any holiday cheer. And wasn't very good looking is now gone Double. BBC's James RoHaas tells us how the city took quick action after complaints flooded social media. It was called ugly, disgraceful and was compared to Charlie Brown Street. But now the tree installed and Washington and market streets is gone. The only thing remaining is a stump and this a man stand. It was attached to The mayor's office says after giving it time to settle. It became apparent to the Christmas tree and Brian Center was not satisfactory, and plans are underway to replace it. The tree caused quite the uproar on Social Media folks I spoke to on the street were also disappointed.

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