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The way Nick Ahmed has hit against the Rockies the last two years to see him fix those sliders. You're like, thank you very much, because That that hasn't been happening. They're Stephen Vogt. Catcher. He struck out You're the first Escobar back. A home run by Walker this inning, tying the game ATT to Escobar hit Right after that, and he's still over at first. Castellani going to try and get a vote here. A pitch Good one in at the knee. Strike one a sinker. One of the things you like about Castellani, and I think it's part of maturation process is that He doesn't appear to get all that rattled. He said before the debut, He had butterflies and he was excited and nervous, but he didn't show it. It's a good job. Staying probably is composed as you can expect for a young pitcher starting his career. Nothing in one. And a Baucus. He started the delivery and then stopped after lifting that front left leg. No, I think vote was Goingto ask for time and was stepping out of the batter's box. And so Ryan stopped and now, but Black is out to talk to Edwin Moscow. So the home plate umpire And and he wants. Maur oven explanation on that, and now the umpires, they're going to get together. Vote, asked for time. And Began to step out and Ryan stopped. And the home plate umpire Edwin Moscow. So Pointed out towards second. I think they've ordered the runner they have. They have ordered Escobar back to first, and it's Tory love ellos turn. To talk to The crew. Escobar, standing at first. It was awkward because clearly Castellani was distracted. He? He simply stopped after Stepping forward with that left leg. And Lavelle is not going to win this argument. Escobar is going to be at first time called apparently so. No balls and a strike to the batter vote. Oh, Bud was hot..

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