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On our I Heart radio and tomorrow at 9 P.m. back to the roads Right now it is 6 53 traffic and weather together, starting with a Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. What's going on? Like the one issue out to the West. Tina, This is the ramp from 2 90 east to 4 95. South in Marlboro. That ramp is shut down as a crash cleanup continues. At that interchange. It was attracted trailer that crashed into the guardrail. There's a fuel spill involved. So if you're to 90 east in that area, you're gonna have to get on to 4 95 north and make the turn around somewhere there elsewhere. It is pretty quiet with the mass Turnpike route to the expressway, which is great in and out of the city right now. In fact, the expressway was pretty good all afternoon. Believe it or not, Route three South bound is clear. He can do the speed limit. And pass through 1 39 tonight, Route 24 Good down in that Bridgewater Raynham stretch. No problems. Downtown Airport tunnels air. Good. So is the Tobin Bridge. The lower deck of 93 up to the North 93 is clear. 13 minutes from the second bridge up to 1 28. This report, sponsored by Wendy's New to the Wendy's two for five lineup is their classic chicken sandwich. So go grab a two for five deal and pick two faves like a Dave single spicy chicken sandwich, No hugs and now the classic chicken sandwich two for just five bucks. Present participation may very limited time. My king WBC's traffic on the threes. And now the four day WBZ accurate forecast with AccuWeather meteorologist Brian Thompson brought to you by the North Atlantic States Carpenters union. We will see a social or two around into early this evening and that it will turn out mostly clear. During and later on in the evening. Hours before clouds increase.

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