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I think my parents late mens's like program the tv to turn on mtv when i got home that's like warren ron swanson got like a twelve month subscription to like jet magazine near interesting articles in the it's funny look of our quick in high school white give from like rule georgia and he like his parents had blocked out bt he had no idea what it was a lay he was like you guys are shouldn't me like the old where like like she deboned couldn't google any and went home and like stirred what was like holy shit there's a whole channel of this as i thought you guys abortion i was going to school timeout like the new usher video and like nobody knew what i was talking about i felt like i was the coolest kid on the block i started buying like the xlt is from like finish line and stuff oh yeah i went through a phase man named natality summit on i'm going to try to contact your i hope i have pictures iced up it was like five shirts for twenty dollars and you would by the biggest size possible my baby blue and stuff like that and i were them every day ida i the orange corey deal in jersey and like large that would wear like twice a week i don't i don't think that any pictures this because like i think my parents were ashamed our foot and we'd have like facebook or a camera phones back then but i wanna i space i never had him i space so i mean i would i went through a phase and i think it all comes back to the blake just are illogical rules like oh another one so like we were allowed to i know i just thought another on his bare feet from we were allowed to set up this is my last one this is my last one uh we were allowed to play like roller hockey in the street like i grew up playing like roller hockey like in the street with cars go in by les we would just put up it was a two lanes street that i grew up on and we would put up cones and make it into a one lane street so i cars had a play chicken meat with each other so wedin half the stop plane when cars.

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