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Are not necessarily those of the owners, banishment, employers and advertisers of WTVN, but they should be. Five hundred seven twenty three minutes now before the hour, five o'clock, and you are wing in here this morning via text an Email, and you are certainly welcome to call as well for ten WCBS six eighty one eight hundred WCBS eggs, eighty Carl says the open border liberals will win in the end unlike conservatives, he'll do whatever is needed to take over. Well, don't that's a chilling thought? But I think they're still on fight left in conservatives nationwide and Trump supporters that you know, we could still stop it or make a difference liberals are taking all we read that one. Here's one rob. Fred says your words shake me to the core. We need the wall indefinite immigration moratorium deportation national federal voter ID for federal elections and national redistricting to change this trajectory. Yeah. Well, it's been going on over fifty years close to sixty years and barb says twenty five. Tax on cash transfers to Mexico that would pay for the wall. We must also have voter ID problem is barb. You need congress to Levy that tax. And this would be a lame duck session. Get it passed get it passed get it done. But you might need sixty votes in the Senate. So that that's another problem. Allen says could the USA do something to help Central American countries with drug cartels and help create jobs there. It's great suggests. It's good idea. My only problem with that is there's so much corruption in Mexico and in Central America. There's no guarantee that the money or the jobs would ever materialize. So it's all good good suggestions, though. And I'm telling you I've seen it in my lifetime. I'm sure you have to Frank. These former red states that have now gone completely blue. I don't know if they'll ever turn back again. Now, we have Arizona, which is a purple state, Nevada, which is a purple state and these four states in south North Carolina Georgia at risk Florida, and Texas if those four where to go reliably blue, then it would be over Dan, isn't Delaware, Dan. Good morning. You're on WCBS. Good morning. Unfortunately, I think this election here where they always say what's most important election. This election year was and most important of our lifetime. Cut the rhinos that cutting ran last year retired because they thought they were gonna call me, wait office the house, and I don't believe ever be felt because we have rhinos in there that. Cheap labor labor. And and the Democrats are just they know they're they know what states to take over, and they know it's electoral college. And that's that's way, it's going to go. Well, if the Democrats continue down the path that they have outlined for the next two years that may embolden more people to come out and vote against all this all this nonsense nonsense that they're talking about. So we have we have another bite at the apple two years down the road. And if the Republicans can take back control of the house maintain the Senate, which I would assume they would and then President Trump is re-elected, then it's a different story. If we keep all saying all of these illegals are coming in. You know, we still know electric rate in front of her. I will make you think that illegals are not gonna continue in mass numbers. And he's other states that that's the thing. We don't you know, I agree. I we know that illegals vote. The problem is we don't know just how many. There are now allegations by Democrats that illegal aliens are voting by Email in Florida. So that's a whole other story. We'll get to that a little later on. But, but I think the point is we can't wait for twenty twenty because if you allow another six hundred thousand three quarters of a million a million illegal aliens into this country, and that's why the president has changed with the asylum proclamation, and all this other stuff, he knows he knows how serious this problem is if you let those people into this country, and they they're gonna end up voting, and and changing, and or just, you know, as far as the census goes, you know, the next one anyway. It you know, it just further. Just erodes the electoral sanctity of this country. And and I think you're gonna look at these states because what happens most of them take. We'll take residents in Texas. Some will get to Florida Arizona will be completely blue Texas will now be purple or or eventually turned blue. And then try winning a national election without Texas and without Florida with California already in the democrat column, it ain't happening. Well, it's gonna take some real creative juices, you know, to get this thing this wall financed over the next two years because the house basically is, you know, they're the ones that appropriate the money, and it could be, you know, stymied right there in the house. So I'm looking at the wall. I was hoping hopeful that the wall was going to be erected in within the next two years, especially if the Republicans have had maintained control the house, but right now, I'm looking at it as a fifty fifty proposition now. You're right and again with a lame duck. Congress be able to do anything probably not because you don't have a speaker who shares the priority on the wall and Senate majority leader, they just don't and then Secondly, in some cases, you're gonna need to get above the sixty vote cloture, you know, Mark, and that's going to be very problematic and this congress forget about the next two years with Pelosi galore in the open border radicals running the show in the house. So the question here is how does the president do it with existing funding? Does he take from the defense department and shift funds from the defense department to build a wall and citing national security as the reason why he's doing that? Then if he's successful in getting the NATO members to contribute to percent or more than that money that he now gains into the, of course, I would go into the UN, but that would be less money. You would have to spend. For the for the military commitment to the United Nations. Well, shifting funds from the defense department would be. I think the most likely scenario. No, there will be lawsuits, and what have you is the result? But then again, get used to it. That's all we're going to see over the next two years now suits have lawsuits and subpoenas. They've got eighty five targets that they're aiming their subpoena cannon. We'll hear from Elijah Cummings. A little bit later on here this morning. So give us a Cafod. How can the president? Do it put on your thinking cap? The agree that the wall must be built and the sooner the better. Otherwise, you the way I'm looking at it right now. Mark Levin last night. I heard him he's on he's on the same bandwagon. This wall must be built. And they know that that's why the Democrats oppose it lung by you know, again, every inch of the way and he's open border rhinos are just as bad five forty four times. WCBS traffic update..

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