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Better Sacramento. The KFBK Afternoon news with Kitty O'Neil's one of the nonprofits participating in this Thursday's Big Dave giving his paws the performing animal welfare Society. It's dear to my heart since I first met the founder, Pat Derby. Show business animal trainer who had this dream well she passed on a few years ago. But co founder Ed Stewart carries on the work at himself now dealing with some serious health challenges, but was able to share with me the special work that pause continues to do well. I think one of the reasons we're different than a lot of other organizations is because we have eight elephants. Yeah, that kind of set you apart right there. Yeah, but not just elephants also do it. Working with tigers. You know, people have seen the shows on TV that showed the exploitation of tigers. We take Tigers that need a home bears that need a home in some cases and put us the big part of it is the elephants. Elephants are really the hardest animal to take care of. I think in all of captivity because you can't really give them what they need. You can only do the best you can And the best they can is significantly better than what some animals have experience. They have former circus elephants that pause. We have two bull elephants here that are Taller than basketball hoop that way about £13,000. And they were in an area that you could not even imagine how small it was. You know, like Maybe 20 ft by 20 ft. And for years and years and years, they had to endure that. So when you see him out sleeping on the side of a nice grassy hill, you know it, does you good. Steward says the space they have now is what makes for a happy ending. We have a big property in San Andreas. That's 2300 acres and the elephants have a big part of that where they can walk around and try to be an elephant for the remaining years of their life. And so it it gives us a good feeling. You know, Tonto to know that We're watching up for them as they get older, and it says your money will go long way because there are matching grants. Already, some of the most loyal donors in As the history of the world. I mean, they are incredible. They know how much this means to everybody here, including the animals, and we have over $55,000 in matching gifts already, So when people give it's being matched by somebody else, and it goes a long way toward our budget, and it's ah Yeah, It's just exciting and motivating for everybody. Yes, And of course, it's quite expensive to run that.

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