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In terms of managing your investment and having more shorty about the returns on some of your spend really deep end a lot of customers understanding usage and loyalty across the digital ecosystem and as they saw business growth right even in a very difficult time. They continued to increase their investment behind. That and i think as the world has opened up that has only continued to grow. Because there's now a much healthier approach to omni channel marketing and for many companies significant progress on digital transformation mean we saw some of the customer experience evolution that would have taken five to ten years in ordinary times accelerated within twelve months. And i think that's been incredibly good for our clients and for our partners as a result also difficult all right so yeah. You're seeing the surgeon digital advertising investment in going largely to consumer behavior changes just an acceleration of adoption of digital platforms behavior in adoption as a result acceleration of digital transformation at companies. Interesting right so. What does the changing shape of that demand. Add demand look like from your point of view. I imagine a lot of. It's going into youtube. Well look again..

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