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Up to the task, given a shot. Be discussing more of this on Tony Cats today at 11 o'clock. Be sure to be listening. My pair has traffic right now on the five. What's that matter? Alright, Tony. Not on time again. We're looking at westbound 70 clothes from the South. But over 24 65 and that is because of road construction. It's going on until July 30th North side looking a lot better right now. I'm looking at eastbound 4 65 going to build up this afternoon. Outside of that. We're okay. Also Post road. We have ramps that air Clothes. And these are the on ramps to eastbound 70 right now. You can't touch it. We're looking at a delay until 6 a.m. On its third is going to be forever. I'm sorry people on the East side for east side of really struggling with this right now, and I get it. I feel he also North bound 65. We're still working on the interchange and the construction that works. From North bound lanes air pushed over to the south bound lanes. That's what we're doing. I almost missed it over the weekend, and you almost wrecked traffic sponsored by people window thinking about the window door siding. Project B would know Kid design and Price your project without ever coming in your home with their satellite technology. Visby widow dot com Today I'm mad Bear with traffic on the fives. Follow us on Twitter and tell you IBC Traffic worked so hard for all the things you have salary status success, And with that image, there's a drink one to.

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