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Some. Some nuclear weapons. Russia disappeared and sacrifices was for the greater good of the party. Chat and so and loki was having a blast. It was good to see them having a relatively healthy relationship. That was that was really fun. Aspect of that episode. Now every party martin has every party pooper. And i thought it was. I thought it was pretty smart to use. Captain marvel as a party pooper and all all the fan boys go. She's the worst. She's the absolute worst. I thought the fact that they're like we can't fight this guy like everyone like plucking nick fury. Try and he. Let's just say he's indisposed at the moment but then you had called smaller returns as an agent maria hill and she's the interim director of shield at the moment and she's like all right the only thing we can use to fight a god is another one who was almost if not already a god but i did some of the stuff. We kept marvel enthused their conversation. It did feel like subtle commentary to me at the very least of how the character of camera has been received by some people on the fan base. Where it's like. Oh come on. Lighten would just smile a little bit. Would don't tell this woman to smile because you'll kick yes you. What did you think of cat marble in. Houston this episode was great little bit through triggered by. Yeah like was. It wasn't the way you smile like fox channel that good time. Stop being pooper. The whole time marvel jesus christ. It's funny because i was watching. This thought i love rehearse me to was always thought. She was amazed great actress and she took a lot of heat for captain. Marvel and i was like the problem's not her the right of this character. Her her whole approach is to show up and go all right pal. Shut this down. It was like you really flew from space just to come here and be a karen. I mean yeah. I could see that space. Look stuff going on everybody's on a good time if somebody's like i first time eight. Somebody calls you pow. you already know. All right has gotten off to a bad start. You're already being antagonistic. Towards the person even know who you are. Yes and you already know that. There's a dynamic going on between all of these other people that they knew each other for years and you just showed up out of the blue after twenty five years and so don't don't start people out or people around. Who who who are you to come in and tell us this yeah. I thought thor handled it better than i would. Use the kind of guy that even after you know by the way i think the action scene between them seen how it continues around the everything very well done well done one of my favorite fight so far i think in what if because he would get up and go. That was great. He a little thing like nano knocking over stonehenge dynamic between the two of them and it sets up something where i think they're gonna fight in another another upcoming it. It's the kind of thing where they're so antagonistic. Mostly heard to him Where over a while when you can see that. He's he's kind of winning her over. He is so charming she even starts starts.

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