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Trending. here's the one straight with Natalie a quick. Natalie you got some good stuff up here as you always do I want to see this one throwback to sixties commercials yeah there's a time they have cars cigarettes aspirin pickles are so many in there yes cigarettes yeah that's definitely a big is a relic of the past but it's pretty cool somebody put this together so if you wanna little nostalgia I would go and check that out it's also fishermen that reeled in a crocodile it's pretty intense what is the ticket without a seat I'm actually George Karl sent me this it is a really heart warming video I'm just to be kind to people a little reminder if you want something to make your day it's a good video to watch well check it out at WFLA news dot com slash a M. T. B. well worth your time and take a look at it I got to bring this up salt from LeasePlan on Twitter this morning today September nineteenth at nineteen minutes and nineteen seconds after nine A. M. shortly after we go off the air. it will be nine nineteen nineteen. at nine nineteen nineteen forty and it is celebrated I'm not sure I think I'll be in the car driving home nice but I'm just thinking last year it happened. on in August. eight eighteen eighteen eight eighteen eighteen during our show in the year before that happened during our show seven seventeen seventeen at seven seventeen seventeen. the year before that enter February March April may June in June that was a good one six exchanged or June sixth Yahoo six sixteen sixteen okay as a six sixteen sixteen. and Jeff just told me were out at six forty five. but anyway thanks to lease land for offering us that little tidbit of information we got a lot more tidbits coming up here as we talk about big business development here in the Tampa Bay area right now at six forty five we go to the newsroom and Chris treatment a delta flight crew is drawing praise after a scare force their flight to divert to Tampa the flight from Atlanta was on its way to fort Lauderdale when oxygen masks were suddenly deployed in the plane was forced to land at Tampa International delta blames the problem on a cabin pressurization irregularity no one was hurt and passengers tweeted out great the flight crew was for keeping everyone call a poll county mothers ever to learn more about a school beating involving her son appears to be going nowhere Lawrence Springfield address the county school board to discuss an incident last week at Blake academy in which her twelve year old son was attacked Springfield wants to know what kind of punishment was handed down to the attacker but the school says the state law prevents.

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