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Sue Chris Vitriol from rafters fans toward Vince. Carter Alas about a decade. You've been here for a long time. You Seen Vince Gladys best first year. Was Vince quarters. I will they ever forget. There'll be a segment that will never forget during that time. Vince becomes a journeyman. Essentially you know. He goes from the nets to the Magic to the sons to the mavs to the grizzlies. He's booed relentlessly every time he goes back to Toronto with any of these teams and in two thousand fourteen when he's back in Toronto. There's just this amazing moment. When the team honors him with a video tribute harder as received a standing ovation that has brought tears to his eyes they just showed a video tribute of parter on the big screen at first a lot of fans started booing and then they started rising and Chris. Endo the guy that used to call air. Canada has been cheered loudly. And maybe there is some closure awesome. Ac- that reaction because that's when it really started turning into you know him being celebrated once again and just from talking with them for these past two seasons you could sell. How much Toronto means to him. He just loves that city. He's invested in that city. He's done a ton of Kamson Toronto He's tried his best to give back to the Canadian born players who grew up watching him and now to finally see that back in twenty fourteen firms solve. It really meant everything to him because he had finally felt that he was forgiven. And it's hard to pinpoint exactly why Toronto fans forgave him. But do you think this is just a matter of time passing in this case a lot of time passing. Yeah I think so and Toronto. They were starting a new chapter with Kyle lowry and Marta rose. In you know those were Toronto's new guys you know. They became the face of the franchise so I think it was a matter of just them becoming a relevant once again in the NBA. Do you think that Canadian basketball fans just once they were able to kind of. Turn the page with this new guard and with a new look for their team that they were able to really just kind of sit back and evaluate. What Vince Carter meant to basketball in their country? Absolutely because when he got serano there. Were no kids playing in the streets and dribbling basketballs. You didn't see basketball. Hoops on every block or you know people wearing raptors jerseys that really change when you know that team and himself in particular really put basketball on the forefront of people's minds so. I think that was probably a big reason why Canadian fans overtime said you know what? Vince did a lot for Toronto. And this country and it's probably time to turn that page there now. Vince is forty three. He's the only player who has played in four different decades. You've covered him with the hawks where he's been the last couple of years. How is his role different? Now in the League then it was back in his superstar days. Both on and off the court. Yeah I mean on the Court. Obviously due to his age and physical limitations. He's not dunking the ball anymore. It's a rare treat to see Vince. Dunk is he doesn't in warm ups like he still has it but in Game Situation. It's just rare so on on the court you know he's more so just become a three point specialist off the court. He's the father figure in the locker room. He's the guy that the rookies wants to turn to and yet as much advice and as much wisdom as they possibly can. That's what it's all about just sharpening the minds and opening new ideas and opportunities for them and be tough on them and just get them ready. Do Best I can. He loves when the rookies and second year third year players asking questions because he wants to impart what he learned throughout his entire journey into the new age like he wants his experiences to live through them. And especially with this hawks team. It's really really young roster and he's pretty much an extension of the coaching staff for the Hawks. He's the one showing is how to properly position their feet when they're shooting threes. He's the one telling. Trae young how to navigate the media and how to navigate becoming a superstar in the league like he loves that and. I think it's rare to have someone Vince who's obviously going to be a future hall of. Famer. WanNa take time out of his day to to make the next generation as good as he possibly can in perhaps one of the more poetic moments that we've seen in a in a superstars late career. Vince did throw down a dunk To pass the twenty five thousand point threshold last year Bitch. Fires back to at best. Buy Welcome to the Pantheon. The greatest stores there was awesome and it happened against the raptors to you know just being at that game you could sell that. He really really wanted to get the twenty five thousand points against the raptors. I'm happy I'm thankful for this opportunity to a very elite group. I mean I don't care if famer not I'm in a group where when you talk about storing it's not many can say they have this many points so man I'm thankful the raptors were. They understood what was going on. So they kind of you know docked off a little bit on defense specially when he drove down the lane and then got that dunk and got his twenty-five thousand point a understood the moment so that was really cool to see because again like this is a guy who's an icon and in raptors history and so watch the current iteration of the raptors. Do that for advance. It was really special to be there because you could tell how much respect Vince has. And that's probably the coolest part of these past two seasons you go to any arena. Detroit the guys in the Pistons Locker Room. Just have an immense amount of respect for Vince. He was one of the guys. They looked up to when they were younger. And so just watch the smile on their face and see dairy action to getting to play him. It's awesome and that's something again. That's that's part of Vincent's legacy just how beloved he became especially in this latter half of his career. So there are a couple of unique aspects to the final years of Vincent Career and one is that he never chased the ring right like he never demanded to go to a contender to get a championship. You know he agreed to sign and resign with Atlanta which. Let's be honest as a lottery bounty him. Why do you think Vince? Carter was not obsessed with getting a championship. That was one of the first questions I asked Vince. When he first signed with Atlanta you know I asked him like. You're bound for the hall of fame. You don't have a championship. You haven't really come close to winning a championship. He's never played an NBA finals game. Why go this Y sign with a team like Atlanta. And he said that's just not part of his DNA. I Ki- never wanted to be that fifteenth. Man on the bench shoe would never play in a game if he was going to win a ring he wanted to win it. Being a contributor won't so Vince Carter might not have gotten the send off that he expected or deserved but it certainly was beautiful. Can you walk us through? What might have been his final and be game last Wednesday so the NBA announced the suspension of the season. It was in the fourth order. Is the tonight that it is respected. It's not that detail. It took me like fifteen ish minutes after that to realize that this is probably Vince. Carter's final game so the fans. I think when the fans saw that the NBA announced that the season was going to be suspended. A lot of them were chanting. We want Vince Vince..

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