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Shut here's the best rabies kevin still doing weird shit and you just aliens out at all man and there's i you know we'll go to the opening of an envelope apparently in a good way keys keystone islamic always up for being very creatively spreads it arise renaissance man did you add that album has been that he put out a while ago that had the cover of o common people it's a great fuck and cover it's great to but he doesn't just was like you want to sleep with common people you wanna sleep with gum of people like me that's how we were one of the justice league got married aqua man announced his marriage this week uh jason manala volley married longtime girlfriend lisa bona remember her from the guy they've been together for twelve years they have two kids lola and eight year old nicola wolf not a fucking name by the way grave name it is to be twelve years they finally got married this was back in october they kept the secret they didn't want to release it until the time was right but they announced it and here's the family right here looking very happy and i'm guessing more than little smelly that's like pachulia or something there's something going on possibly pretty group of people it is have you been watching justice league footage comes out very very soon next week i know so they've been putting up monarch he ran lots more stuff yeah he's he looks like he's steals the she looks like he's having fun now which is nice speaking of movies that we love iron man of course one of the great comic book super movies of all time now here's a dude and i knew that eventually someone we take this there's a real life man reallife tony stark was built his own flying suit that he can fly around in like iron man it's called the daedalus is the name of the suit it's connects today to listen occurs exactly an could but wait but wait there's more and the idea that story musburger flew to close to the sun on wings of wax and died i was acre i think oh so he's like on the way out of the yeah.

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