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Like that. What was the last movie saw x.. Makina. All right. I know you've been on. No, no, I watch every watch we're talking about. I had never seen XBox. You know, I was flying home to hear sought the other day, holy funk, that's remove. It's a really good. I was started. I was like drunk, and I was like. One watch something wrong and put it on. And I was just like riveted. It doesn't hurt that. There's like sex robot who's looking at you and then the whole movie is about like you would fall for a sex robot you asshole? Yeah. And then you feel like. Ask. Chick me, and then the robot has. We're Oscar Isaac and his assistant just start doing a choreographed dance. It's so fucking cool. Where over before you know it? Yeah, but some good moves. You know, Tom's learn the whole thing Arden. What was the last movie you saw? I saw three identical strangers. Tell us anything, right? It's twisty. Did you see and have a, it's the. So good though. It was. And yet the title is the end of the movie. There's a live. But how was it on? No, is more than that. It's more than that it gets. It just keeps going up shin. Shen Leonardo DiCaprio, gets pregnant at won. The won crystal movie that I'm not in. I understand. Thanks rubbing. Why. I thought she was gonna say, may I have a chance to speak. May I get drunk like you. It was really good. I think you'll like it. Oh, the wine or the movie? Both. Okay. But right. It's got some twists. It's got so many twits like just when you think there's not another twist like others, another fucking documents. There's five of them. You're not quite I go, but. Don't count title. It's not as thrill Thome let's go free thing. So let's hear it. What's your most recent? Let's not. My son and I last night bringing all these fucking flies around by hell boy to the golden army. That's a great. That's fun. It holds up very, I love that. Gary modo, Torah dude. He's not. He's pretty much never wrong. Kind of on what was that one that Jessica Chastain and the? Yeah. I think that one's a question Mark on the side. Yeah. That was sort of like a like an attempt at a shape of water, and then we'll save water, eat, nailed it. Shiva water. But I'm also, you know, it's also like Abe Sapien movie or not. Right? Are we going to get our? We're gonna talk about this or we're going to talk about this, right? Doug Jones is Abe Sapien in the hell boy, and he's also the fish creature in shape water now. And now, what are you trying to say? I'm trying to say the shape water is clearly the origin story movie, but he won't. She learns how to talk. Jeff girl. Fuck some language into she's Butte. She's not deaf fucking. She's not. Bucket start the dumb questions. But you have good questions to ask. Fair question. Okay. Hey, by the way, if you ever got really high and watched me, which you never did, I'm sure I know, but. Also me. So I watched it. I'm only. That's a great idea for show Emily. Hi. The next thing you do is you would make shape of water. I mean, you made a noise about shape of water. Did you find it like hurt? It was mad. I thought it was a platter of poo poo. Okay. Yeah, I didn't enjoy first half tone changes a great deal constantly. I forty five minutes on board last forty, five minutes. I was like, you've stopped writing. Yeah. Well, you know, once you type out the words, Abe Sapien eats a cat. You're done. You made a masterpiece. Oh, in the other. All right, so good. Okay. Again, guys kissing, I would never say to do this, but here's what you do, meet your friends that have access to mushrooms. Watch on me an hill boy at the same time. While you're just devouring fully medical grade mushrooms and then see how you feel because you'll be as mad as these assholes here right now. Which assholes. Turn it off. Burt let games. Gentlemen and lady the left side of the room, cashing some amazing name tags which if you over here on the side to disregard them, but just pick, we'd like to play for just go grab the name tag from the person and bring it back to your seat while you do that. We'll do this..

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