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I first met Jeffrey Epstein in Nineteen Ninety Five, so I'm twenty five years old. I had just graduated from New York Academy of art and All. The students have a show. He went to shake my hand and he said you're so talented. I love your painting. This is the painting that just obscene purchase the night I met him. It didn't take long after the first connection. Jeffrey I've seen offered Maria farmer job. Maria was initially hired to collect art for. Quickly morphs into a role where she signing guests in the front entrance of his town home, which is one of the largest private homes in Manhattan I really kind of admired him because he would tell the story about growing up in Coney Island, and how he created this entire empire that he had built. Epstein did not grow up with money. He grew up in a working class household. Epstein had a reputation for being extremely intelligent and gifted at math. Puzzles. A strange feeling you get. The right edge hustle never graduated from college. However, he was able because of his intelligence to find work at the Dalton. School on the Upper East side in Manhattan. Dalton is a private school in the upper east side that's historically been associated with the tippety top of the one percent, and he found what I think was brilliant way to meet rich people which is through their children. epsteins rise begins at this school. He manages to use that as a springboard to get a job at best Here's a guy who is smart charming hunting. He knew how to read people and get what he needed from them. During his time at bear stearns, he had met a client of bear. Stearns name Leslie Wexner. Epstein Mr Wexner become really close friends in those early years and Leslie. WEXNER is a billionaire. He's the founder of the limited company. The Brown wakes them as much dissociate with Victoria's secret. An Epstein ultimately began managing millions of dollars in wealth for not just Mr, wexner but prison tire family, and they're fortunate now. Exactly what he did with that money is unclear. Driven scenes relationship with les. Wexner change assist financial situation. It becomes this ultra rich mega rich guy. It's not long after Epstein starts working for Wexner that he begins to acquire the some fast portfolio of luxury properties around the world. Worth of. Epstein than meets this woman who becomes pivotal in his life. Her name is Galina Maxwell. He met her through a mutual friend in new. York Galina Maxwell is the daughter of disgraced media tycoon named Robert Maxwell Robert Maxwell on the daily. News owned a bunch tabloids in London. GOING MAXWELL MEETS EPSTEIN AT A. Time in her life. Her father has just passed away. He was discovered dead after falling off their yacht and she's also in financial struggles, len has. Social Entree. To many of the world's most powerful and richest. Families NBC on Earth. This video from nineteen ninety two, and it's taken at mar a lago in the foreground. You See Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein and in the background. There's filling maxwell. She had a lot of connections, but she had no money Jeffrey. Epstein had a lot of money, but he had no connections and so they developed this bond where. Each had something that the other one needed. By most accounts, their boyfriend and girlfriend. Pretty loosely, because certainly they had a very open relationship Keelan was one hundred percent the Lady of the House that Jeffries. Rea- farmer in a lawsuit alleges while she was working the front door at Epstein Townhouse. She started seeing things that concerned her. Involving Epstein and Glean. Maximum Keelan Maxwell would go out on these drives to procure models. She say these are the new byles I. Need a new.

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