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And an LS one eight two three three four W. W. W. dot and M. L. S. consumer access dot org it was like it's so cold in the studio it is a little risk today it's like forty one right now and there are if they're in there are flurries expected later in the show okay Avenue watching a blaze TV you may notice that what is it is it about fifty outside forty five outside something like that is cold this morning it's chilly chilly it's chilly here in April is for Dallas yes but it's always colder inside that's that's no guarantee it's nice in the summer good it's nice in the summer but when it gets down to a little chilly outside you can no longer go outside and thought out in three minutes yeah because the hundred fifty degrees outside you do that from time to time you actually will leave the studios this is a four storey room that were him as giant nineteen thousand square feet for stories and it is always about sixty one to sixty five degrees if you're lucky on a day is what yes do you go outside the thermometer in here let's get one of those big outdoor thermometers I want to see because I don't think it's that cold the when you are in the heat of the summer at the the Max tell after summer and we would all this global warming we know how warm it gets all yeah yeah yeah and you leave your car outside in this park in the sun the sun beats down on the car you know like when you open the door and they just that wall of heat hits you it it's the worst thing in here and you want to get your car stuff definitely held out automatic car starters yeah I get in and don't turn the air conditioning on and drive around this was like a hundred and sixty degrees minutes I finally feel like you're being again like I can I feel I can actually feel the blood in the ice crystals start yelling in my veins yeah that's too bad too bad then you come in here like I tried that cold to Glen you're wearing a hundred eleven layers I'm actually not fat I just wear a lot of yeah how I wish that were true it is cold in here today it is cold in here today welcome to the program you know another place that it's cold is in the DNC right now they're like ha this could be McGovern this could be like a massive massive loss we were really you think.

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