Fifth Avenue, Rex Tillerson, United States discussed on BBC World Service


The same name can known doj they're us parisian for real gdp uh the caffeine its flagship fifth avenue store more than half a century after the movie showed the actress audrey hepburn snacking on tree while gazing into kgb seen use name names listening to name the bbc world service with all of a conway political tensions have never been far from the surface in lebanon since the civil war there in the '70s and '80s latest tensions of paying out between saudi arabia and the lebanese islamist movement hezbollah the group's leader hassan nasrallah has accused the saudis meddling including declaring war on lebanon by forcing the prime minister saad resign a correspondent martin patients reports on the day of rising tensions in beirut the charismatic leader of hezbollah hassen thus ramla carefully calibrate speechis a few days ago he was calling for patients and cam to resolve lebanon's political crisis but today he went for the jugular eligible abdulle in a television address he accused saudi arabia of holding the lebanese prime minister hall stage and said that science haridi was being prevented from leaving the country an accusation denied by beyond the inflammatory rhetoric wall missed certainly increased tensions between iran which backs hezbollah and saudi arabia which supports mr had really his resignation was widely seen as a song de move to isolate hezbollah by collapsing lebanon's national unity government which included both parties indonesia's growing concern about this crisis everyone is reassuring us that is everything's gonna be okay that doesn't mean that that is by where we've we've been through way were so very trying we're just hanging hanging on there it's up a pay of power and we're in the mother but that was going on with like this for live on a sense footing here's innovate tangents the french president emmanuel macron briefly stopped in saudi arabia to hold talks with a crime prince mohammad bin some man the us secretary of state rex tillerson also warned against any party using lebanon as a venue for a proxy flights marcin patients when they're all concerns lebanon could nativist civil war in yemen west saudince one side and allow on the other uh as marty the us secretary of state rex tillerson has intervened to try to stop a crisis in.

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