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Tore coming to you from beautiful little Barnum. It's the farms of Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, and other stories from out there on the road. All right. Cool. Thank you. Everybody for coming checking out Posey stories. This isn't just drug storytelling. This isn't just thanking storytelling. Noah tends to be the easiest way for people to acquire stories that are really important to them, but any drug make sense. It can be opiates. It can be ketamine, it can be the pharmaceuticals. It can be the painkillers you had to take because of severe disease. Anything that you think was really important to you. We want to hear about, you know, You know, it's not. it's not a place of it's the place for sharing stuff that matters to you. And there are lots of drugs in your head. They're all kinds of psychoactive experiences you can have from giving birth from losing somebody very close to you from a car accident from jumping out of airplanes. And if you really feel the call to tell a story tonight, please do. That's what this is here for, and the more nervous are about telling the story, the better it is that will probably go. That's what we tend to see the most of so, and you're never gonna get him with welcoming crowd than this. You know, they're slightly slightly drunk. They're slightly smoked up. You know, these are people that are going to be on your side. So that's always nice. Maybe we can kill the lights on the inside a little bit dead. It's good to have it here and everyone did you start the Facebook live? All right. Hello, everyone out there in the world. This is my parents barn. This stop. I most excited for on the blue dot tower, and so thanks for joining us. And now we believe ready start to storytelling. Please find me in the. Back if you wanna get on the list for who we have coming up next otherwise, get drug popcorn. So it is Marlena. Thank you so much..

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