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Gathered on the Penn campus to highlight the importance of reauthorizing the violence against women in the United States Senate where faces opposition from the IRA as towel reports. The measure passed the house Cristina Vega and Abusir -vivor is well aware of key provisions that would close the so-called boyfriend loophole to restrict gun ownership. Most times they are boyfriends, and it was a boyfriend. He did have a gun was primarily a lot of reasons why I never left because I was always threaten. I'll kill your father. I'll kill your family's earn law already bar spouses or former spouses convicted of abuse from buying guns. But the boyfriend loophole is an amendment that would expand existing gun prohibitions to include dating partners, convicted of abuse or stalking charges. The National Rifle Association opposes the Bill. It will score how politicians vote on the Bill to measure future ratings at endorsements in elections US democratic Senator Bob Casey to any male member of the NRA. What if this was your daughter, would you wanna boy from loophole? Steve Taiwa, KYW NewsRadio. Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney has taken a more low key approach to his reelection campaign. He's making you appearances and doesn't really seem to relish the ones. He does make the KYW city hall bureau chief Pat Loeb reports that this week's forum among candidates was a perfect example, the debate on mayor Kenney state, Senator Anthony Williams and Alan Butkovitz at community college, Monday gave each of them a chance to sum up their platform. Here's how the mayor started his answer asking for reelection. Because I think we've done a number. Of things put the right trains on the track to go in the right direction that science the beginning was typical throughout the one hour debate. He looked a little like a man about to get his teeth drilled. And to some extent it was understandable Williamson Butkovitz relentlessly attacked us record. Whether it was, but it's on violent the mayor head is cabinet work anti-violence program for six months, and they came back with a program virtually has no anti-violence in it Williams on stop and frisk years ago. He's inside prefers the reality. Is that has not stopped. Mayor maintains that's not why he's limited his participation to just two Forbes rather than the many he did for years ago with the duties of the mayor during the day and at night, it's hard to replicate that number of forms and events. Also, an age old strategy for an incumbent to us just being in office as his main election tool, Pat Loeb, KYW NewsRadio all indications are jerseys takeover of Atlantic city's government will remain in place for the full five your turn despite governor Phil Murphy's vowels. A candidate to end it would of David Madden has the story. Well, we'll take over time table developed during the Christie administration remains in place. The agenda will change under Murphy mostly due to citizen input ten governor Sheila Oliver who doubles his head of the department of community affairs says the blueprint developed last year will serve as the roadmap going forward. It recommends that we build the capacity and talent of municipal employees and support the stability of casinos and businesses to help build a diverse economy of high wage jobs for grams also be implemented to improve conditions neighborhoods hoping to attract more people to live there. It's hope that by November twenty twenty one when the takeover scheduled to expire, there's enough progress Vince legislators not to extend it KYW NewsRadio. Prosecutors in Kansas have opened up the child at reopen. The child abuse investigation into Kansas City. Chiefs star tyreek hill the wide receiver came under new scrutiny and was suspended by the chiefs after the release of an audio recording more on the story from CDS news is Audrey. What do you make him open his arm, and you? The audio attained exclusively by CBS station KC TV five his allegedly recording between Kansas City Chiefs, star wide receiver tyreek hill and his fiancee, crystal espionage, it is an eleven minute blame game. Say..

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