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Part of what her stand up is our stand up becomes an open forum for her that's where she says all the things she's not allowed to say and not allowed to think um and so i'm looking forward to seeing what her how her stand up evolves yes i am too i hope that this interview magnifies the show even further because i really think folks should watch it they and uh all the best of luck on that golden globes red carpet mcg don't trip break leg whatever their a novel namath there i'm kind of caught say it's okay it's all right leg and i hope that you an easter egg it to have a moment there oh my god i just i will try not horta cream i bet you what is your show i bet you does for my god i love her so much easily if you're listening we both love you so much one hundred event hey thank you so much over the preaches changkyu thank you for taking the time to find that was rachel brosnahan's she's up for a golden globe for her work and the amazon show the marvellous mrs mazel i'll eight episodes are on amazon right now and as someone who just watch the show i will say you can a breeze right through it listeners trust me all right that's at rest today a reminder if you like what you're hearing and you love public radio and yes for all of you on both counts i'm sure please give to your local npr station at this link donate that npr dot org slash sam as you may know there's a little competition going on between the podcasts host of npr over who can convince the listeners to give more not even just give more but more people to give from what i hear we have been in first place for a while but i want to keep it that way i trust our it's been immanent family to help us in this and on top i know we can do it we have to the end of the month to give donate that npr debt or slash sam with that were back on your feet with a week.

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