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Molly taken off that much. I don't i don't think. India may was a thing. I don't think by the time we got to high school. Ecstasy was all the thing that that was more of a ninety s kind of thing that some people did. Obviously yeah obviously with jason. And i would never do anything of anything that was. We would never do something that would cause us to have the greatest matter our lives and you will forgive me where we are here in texas it is may and i ex special pollen induced blues voice. Yeah i know it sounds like we're smoking through the recording. But we're not. Yeah the other day. I really office and us as smoking all diet you said. Yeah while sitting at the bonfire sitting around the campfire chase monkey cigarettes. And that's how i feel. Yes over hear me sniffling. A there was an episode of friends phoebe cold and she had her extra sexy room. That's right. I forgot about that. And there's gotta be someone out there. I know there's someone out there that knows the fringe episode. And i'm talking about this sounds a bit bitches. Are having a ac. Like a reunion show really. Yeah i can we all just listen offering stuff back i but maybe can we leave things where they were nhs. Try something new run out of ideas but you know what. That's exactly why we are reviewing someone else's are unique idea and our art is to talk about someone else and today of course we are talking about the ecstasy album skylark. Which is one of our favorite albums so here we go We talked about this. This album is a representative of a full day in the life from dawn to dusk and a wife. Even if you will which is also a full cycle of life from birth all the way down to death and it's not a happy life. It's one of struggle. It does have its moments though. Yeah yeah there are. There are some moments in this. Yeah so and you mentioned it. It's weird the juxtaposition of the the lively kind of fun feeling music the rollicking you know kinda the pop cords janke pop now with really morose and kinda sad with the subject matter in general but as the songs play will. We'll talk about this but the lyrics once again do not go with the music and a lot of senses and not just the story like not just the concept if you the topic but just the lyrics generally song about the listen to. He uses lines like breathing in boiling butter. That's not a very pop. It's not a poplar that you would expect to hear miley. Cyrus never wrote a song that had breathing and boiled butter in the larry. But i mean as brilliant as these guys are. This was originally a poem that andy partridge wrote called. A numbers called him and so the first two songs summer called and grass are actually written as a two part suite that actually flowed together and so they practiced it is. You'll notice it actually goes into each other. yeah And it's meant to be that way if at first listen you listen to this and you think i'm i'm kind of with jason. I really don't care for this stick with it. Listen to it on your own. This should be Consumed as a full album. As is our favorite way to listen to albums. Yeah and i would encourage everybody to try and get through this one with us. A few have my initial reaction to the first couple of songs. Just just bear with it. Yeah so here we go. This is x. tc's skylark..

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