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The action on the ice. Now, it's time to talk about tonight's game. Without last call presented by Jack Daniels here from head coach John Cooper, lightning players and fans from Rome fish grill at Emily arena. Fury, your hosts Matt's Janet and Brian Anglo. And welcome to the last hall presented by Jack Daniels nine seventy WFL as we broadcast live, mar usual haunt here at Amway arena. Run fish grow behind section one. Oh, six are scheduled guests tonight is Adam Ernie and he should be joining us here in just a few minutes brining blunt joining me here and thanks for everybody hanging around tonight. I guess you put in overtime with Halloween last night. So you can sleep in a little bit tomorrow is at the plan or no, no, you just don't have anything better to do. Well, we appreciate you hanging around here with us as we will dissect tonight's a loss to the Nashville predators four one. I guess technically you could say three one with an empty netter. It's a lot closer than the final score indicates. And Brian I think if there is one thing actually two things. We were reminded of tonight. One the Nashville predators are a very very good team. There's a reason why they came in with the best record in the National Hockey League. And to heck arena is a very very good goaltender. And I I do believe one leads into the other there and you saw quite performance from one of the best teams in the league tonight here. I thought the lightning outplayed them for most of the night. I thought that they had the attack on on them an awful lot of the night. I thought the point line was on the verge of five or six or twelve times. I don't know I lost track there. I really liked Tyler Johnson's game all of them. Did they were around the net decrease it so much. That's why there are so many shots on goal. I think they had Nashville on the ropes an awful lot. I the only thing I would say is. I think there were some times where there one too many passes, and there were sometimes where they just hesitated a little bit too long to shoot before the puck went towards. Nashville has really good sticks. I mean, they're they're really good at deflecting pox away passes and shots on goal. And there were some opportunities. I think there were missed because of yeah, we'll talk a little more about how Nashville was able to just kind of stymie things. And boy do they put on a good show when they do that. But I our guest Adam Ernie is here from fish bills. Thank you so much Adam for joining us here. On the last call not quite the the outcome that we wanted tonight. But a lot of good things that you guys can pull away from the scheme, especially against one of the best goaltenders in the league in one of the best teams in the league as well. Yeah. I thought I thought we played well, you know, I think we pass up a couple of chances. But overall, I think you know, we're up to watch the video. But I think there's some definitely good things. We can take that game. As far as the offensive push from really start to the finish. You guys really were flying at them. Right. From the very beginning. Your defense was really involved too. It's not that that's a big change from normal. But without Hetty in the lineup. It's good to see some other guys like Britain Coburn, really jumping up and helping you guys out on the attack. Yeah. Definitely. It's part of our offense jumping up on the planet helps on breakouts in the DS on, you know, obviously, the more we're in there and the better and something about Nashville tonight because we only see them a couple of times during the regular season. We're reminded not only their heavy team there a fast team before they aggressive in all zones as somebody who's trying to make your way from one end of the ice to what was the biggest challenge that you saw and how they just kinda smother you throughout the game. I think once we got in there. We were good. I think the the process of getting in. There was a little tougher compared to probably some of the previous games, we played, you know. But I think once we got behind the defense, you know, with this is that we have in this feed. We have there's so many teams that can handle us blow the tops of the circles, but that's a really good team over there. And they only gave us a hard time getting there. What's the season been like for you? He had a good start your excellent training camp came in great shape. Then you're in and out of the lineup. You're back into the lineup here here, again, wh what are your thoughts on how things have gone for you, so far I'm just taking it one day at a time. You know, it's. Told me that know it's nothing I'm doing or not doing. It's a matter of, you know, who's healthy is not healthy. You know, like you said I feel like I came into camp ready to go. I'd like to play every game. But obviously hasn't been the case. But you know, when I played I thought I've done really well. Yes. Certainly you've contributed and even though there's been some shuffling on the line of linemates. You know, there's there's no way of saying, you know, the fourth line is just a fourth line. I mean, there's so much balance on this team. We've seen a game in and game out. Also, they don't ask how they ask. How many you've had the most unique goal scored by anybody. So far this year going back to the Zona game last weekend. I know that was a result that we weren't crazy about there. But did you have to look back at the video to kind of figure out how that will manage to get in or you don't care. It's just on the scoresheet for you. Yeah. I mean that was I'll take they come. I guess. I think I needed a break.

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