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General original fortnight sure and you see you like how barron i saw someone from epic just over the weekend saying we've got lots of store for save the world dory did it didn't have that name when it first long when they it was like it was a fortnight colon saved old was okay i think that that was used here and there uh but if it's probably something they have to lean into a little bit more now that they've got a just survive h wednesay one situation on their hands where like eventually there's going to have to rebrand fortnight as this free thing and then very much it's these like maybe if already done it mislead guess save the world bowed yes the how many of these changes do you think are making an and she likes that saved the world campaign like he talked about bullets spray about adding goes i think that thing is balanced completely differently yeah uh and even some of the weapons stuff because you know like the weapons are coming off a cards and you're building them and all that the other modes so fuck indifferent that it's yeah it's an interesting because you know this is made for yeah it's a multiplayer amateur do fighting hordes and stuff dummy iso like all these changes the making is to link towards yeah i'm honestly surprise something completely different how well they mean like how well this battle royale thing works in the engine that like how well it accidentally works in layer because like the building thing adds a layer to it that i think is like unique enough from pub g that he would attracted different crowd and they dislike kind of looked at like shouted to whoever at epic you know with the person who said like dude we should do what we just did this we we have this thing in a works in one of our license sees is doing quite well with what if we think about this yard just act.

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