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And Justin Timberlake well we share negligee I just did this touring right now that this book that she's got about her life and is recovered from alcohol and all this other stuff but the interesting thing is she's bringing up old stories what a life including this one I know Justin Timberlake very well after divorce and he was out of a relationship with he was like over at my house and we shared in the soundcheck kiss but and I thought oh this is interesting and he took his phone out and started typing as I can okay I hope that's not like another girl like that that I like stick my tongue out so much very but apparently him and Ryan Gosling had a bet on who would face me first when they were twelve years old and so we text Orion and said he won the bet a year ago that was a long time to win a bet yeah yeah yeah she still looks good because you know she had at one point were again and I'm not Jamie nobody but I was like wow she went from like being on TV to be like a robot like just hanging out yeah but she was also daisy do I forgot that one yeah maybe sounds like yeah by the way side knows that brought it up she also admits I think in this book that she while she was married to Nicole Shea she had a thing for Johnny Knoxville well that was bizarre yeah she had like really really had this big crush on him and they were in that movie the guy she married now I know you know yes yeah former football player is clearly I have no I have two things I know about just because of that one she was a member of the cliche to she did that staying was she got chicken of the sea or something yeah that's right I know nothing else about chicken of the sea you live for tonight let's go over that when we get to that we got supernatural superstore which are two different shows good place the series finale he young Sheldon station nineteen grey's anatomy million little things that you will find life today coming back to him okay great after the the new remote Jeez that are coming a hundred seventeen of them and will read all of that no we.

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