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A while your next up on CBS sports radio go ahead thank you and thanks for having me has always been a little busy you know still refer might be hers even though college baseball season come to it short and in their sort of rebuilding phase with the new coach but well that's probably a good thing then that's probably a good thing you don't have a chance to get upset in a rebuilding phase you know with that I I was excited for all the freshmen pitchers in gaining that experience so they can be better going into sophomore and junior year the good part is they give Kevin able little bit more time to rehab so has impacted the dominant force out in the bullpen or as a starter would be great but if the former radio intern who worked in broadcasting I know how important creating content is and I came up with that harebrained theory that our might work in and given to me a few people we were a few people that I work with these college men's college basketball game of the season well Washington state versus Colorado in the pac twelve tournament where the number eleven seed Washington state Cougars upset Colorado in the first time ever a number eleven seed is one of the pac twelve tournament therefore since it was the last game of the season the Washington state Cougars are your national champions for men's basketball now wait a damn minute you can't say that Joe listen you laugh and I know I can't if crazy but if you give someone a call in and say Hey that's too bad it involved a good one I think I did because we're on the west coast yeah we got the last game of the season you know it it just the way it worked out I gotta I gotta you gotta do that like next week Joe if we're where we're at because that meant that people are gonna be scraping the bottom of the barrel next we gotta wait till next week for that one then we can have a good strong argument about that Joe thank you very much thank you very much for the call my friend yeah I saw the Gary per it should say the Jerry palm CBS final projected M. NC double a tournament bracket I I mean this you might as well do it if you C. F. can do it I don't know why Dayton can't bad date with not one of the whole thing which if you look at the bracket it doesn't go left to right its top and bottom and it threw me off they have day didn't give Zach a play in the NC double a championship in the Dayton flyers when he I go okay well Jerry Paul knows what the hell he's doing warts line knows what the hell they're doing Gary Parrish if you know anything about college basketball that guy sure as hell knows what he's doing if you're dating I say get a banner made an hanging from the rafters why not if you see often plastered across their press box of their national champions you can do the same damn thing I'm dead serious about that we'll get to Craig in South Carolina your next up on CBS sports radio go ahead how you doing okay I'm a jets fan okay I want to I want Tom Brady despair or even though England forced the patriots the paying him forty million dollars a year put them in cat pal and have the pick of the jets smacked them around for the next two and a half three years because forever and I wanted him to stay there and get some of that job we don't worry about it go anywhere you gotta worry about your own problems all man you gotta you gotta make sure Sam Darnold takes off in year three this is I have another issue with that if you don't mind I did yes and this is a horrible thing to say I talk about this all the time if you don't think Sam Darnold recorder back each draft another one draft another one goes in the salary cap era if you don't know one three years you're going to get another one okay you're not I don't think you're crazy I don't think you're crazy about that Craig Craig do you real quick do you think he's the quarterback you think he's good it's been hard to tell because he was hurt the first year with the model thing it's her they say he doesn't have weapons I sort of disagree with that your friends of mine was kind of a horrible you know what that's the problem with your wrist outbound we have not put enough talent around and actually felt that his problem Robbie Robbie Anderson thinks he's a number one I don't think he's a number one Craig I don't I wouldn't my keep arriving endless and get this wide receiver out of Alabama fast one not the other one I just want to put but those two guys out there with the and with our Thailand and I got we got the March the last year I think you have some our offense of line is bad but it's not that left tackle that left tackle only gave up four sacks last year it's the interior where we need where we need help and you can get that someone rather inexpensively if you're a good GM I don't think it's just horrible those people laid out to be to be honest yeah but I guess that's where let let let let him stay eleven stamp bags will go I want to see him start start getting smacked around by tomorrow you kind of have a good day great thank you very thank you very much for the call eight five five two one two for CBS I think you as just about any fan base and I think they think their office of line six with the exception like for is this really what is this really what I've come to is that we want to read a Sam Darnold he just said Peter he just was like yeah he didn't say yes all which I agree with them either if you're if you're on a quarterback like that the cardinals approving that but I I don't know how great calories going to be he certainly better than what Josh Rosen showed the year before it's like what the hell you're not married to the guy go find another court that's what makes the Redskins situation that much more interesting if you're not full long between it with Dwayne Haskins you got a new coach you got a new general manager we cut bait you don't need to marry yourself to that I mean he's not a third pick in the draft okay he would and he and he was sick huh I mean I mean I don't know what they're going to work I mean this whole notion of cutting bait with them already hi no I listen I like Sam Darnold though though I do need to take a look at the jets offense one last year well he just said the guy was garbage I understand that also but you when you when you asked him when you say I get a list of St Peter's McCray when asked him are you sold on Sam Darnold he didn't give you an end it's an unfair question the guys going to do is third Gary still on a second head coach of the we give we give the guy a chance a weapons around him we can act like I don't take these calls and leaving about bigger all I understand that but just this this yeah close to the heart here understand that but it didn't end its coastal heart about Baker I've said some things are bigger that are gonna be on public record forever and it did slightly embarrassing right now so we're gonna deal with this body you know what I want to bring you back in later about this okay all right the great Peter shorts because I got to get the jury di maggior diamonds great we're gonna talk baseball with him he's from the Wall Street journal hang in with us it's can't count on CBSSports ready right now to let sports update with the always wonderful and very passionate Peter Schwartz.

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