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Cory Lopez. Our top story heated words in the race for Denver's mayor. We'll have details on those words coming up for you. I put check John Morrissey, traffic and weather together here. Looks like there's probably some heated words on your drive. Maybe if you had signals, but you're doing pretty good here. As far as accidents. Go not bad. It is a pretty nice afternoon, actually, although the mount we've flown along the foothills here, KOA jet governor. I could see wispy clouds up in the mountains. I wondered if maybe some of the areas way up on those tall tall are get snow. Still, your drive down here, though no snow to deal with it. Really weather's dot been an issue. It's been a very crowded drive. Your drive as obligated by crash. Northbound I twenty five at eighty four that's jammed up from the boulder turnpike. Your jive drive downtown. Very heavy both. I twenty five and I seventy Rockies game. We've got it for six forty nine your drive down the tech center. Very heavy and out the Aurora area odd to five so getting home. Yep. Just pack your patience and take a chill pill. Don't be don't be calling those days out the window at the other driver. Let's have no heated exchanges on her drive home. This report is sponsored by referrallist dot com. The original where did you go to five? You're liable merchants contractors and professional. There's only one place that truly checks out and. Gives you recourse referral as dot com. The first list ever, and the only backed by consumer advocate, Tom or Dido, referrallist dot com. The original list, next update five fifty KOA, NewsRadio Colorado's news, traffic, and weather station. Cloudy with below average. Temperatures in Denver today, there is so slight chance of a few rain showers in Denver this evening. Although.

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