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Attention but still no one that acknowledged acknowledgement acknowledges Powell pills as a wild kid. A pilot shits walking show. Them kids allows is the most. I take you to the bedroom wild in most ethnic board coaching and seven to eight and you're holding them accountable for Canada. Get it animal rocket metaphorical looking like fail. Mission Mooney just gave you started up in the giddy departed tasting. I've been dealing with Pharma. Ma is something bill as soon as you start acceptable the department. I swear together business with Dr. My heart is up in Michigan. I'm only just started up was deported. Us where to get up is so distant. I've been in darkness trying to bomb them onto I guys so we just listened to anxiety by king tragedy. That song is really picking up some steam on his social media and music platforms to great song. I chose it because I love the lyrics. I'm a lyrics girl and we have a special surprise for you on crystallized beach. Podcasts night I actually did an interview with King tragedy from Winnipeg. And I'm going to be playing that next so stick around our guys so tonight we have king tragedy from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. And we're going to be getting to know him. Ask Him some questions. So let's get started. What got you into rap. Fourteen basically recording with France and stuff like that free styling at school and we all just basically screwed around later on and a few of my friends told me that I had something. I should just continue with it so I recorded tracks are I. I definitely needed work. Like was by far not anything to be proud of But I stuck with it and got a little bit of attention from us. Oh here I am not well. It's definitely great thing. He did because your music. Catalog is so professional. And it's just really well done for what I've seen for upcoming artists so I'm glad that he stuck with it much. Love and respect definitely appreciate the feedback and are you teamed up with anyone in your local hip hop scene at the present moment teamed up with all Damn Day music group in her daddy's RS entertainment. I work a BENEF- AIDS magic. Jeddah stacks beets Few other artists from forgetting Hernandez. Unfortunately I'm sorry you know just a few of the moment. I don't have all their NASA's lots of us that are working but when it's definitely seemed to look out for a lot of people should pay attention all day and her that he's definitely gonNA make some noise. Nice I and where do you perform? Basically right now performed in Winnipeg. That's like my hometown up performed at a few different bigger venues year the Park Cedar Reset Ultra Lounge and a few other clubs I ended up winning a MC competition. I was just placed here held by where it's at entertainment shot up to them But I have a I'm going to BC. And I'm performing for big festival there. It's called the Electric Love Music Festival. I'm pretty excited for that. Yeah that's awesome. And when is that going to be? That's an August so I believe it's August. Sixth to the ninth. Okay might end up being postponed. Due to this coronas stuff though y'all look into it and I'll put that information in the podcast notes for you guys So what about projects? What's the latest project that he released the latest project that I released his twenty twenty vision? That's on all platforms now. Basically twenty twenty vision was just like something that came to my head. It was like you know I've had enough sitting there. Nickel and diming getting by and I wanted to show people really would have had so I kinda sat down there and Change my style. My style before is a little bit whiny you know I was trying to get a little bit of things off my chest that I was holding onto but I feel with twenty twenty vision. I definitely got the message across that. I'm starting to come up Nice. I listened to it today and it's a really good. I'm it's definitely a great project and let's see. When is your next project going to be coming out? Next project is most likely going to be coming out about mid August. I got a project called tragic plan. It's like a dark carnival inspired type still style and I wanted to come out around August this way. It's right in time for Halloween against promoting it more. That's awesome all right and I heard that you signed an endorsement deal with Wifi money apparel. When can we expect that campaign hours So hopefully that's going to be kicking in about Friday. I'm supposed to be speaking with under GONNA end up giving me a discount coats when I get at early information on my fans of always if they want to go to my page at King Tragedy Music Basically it was a small clothing deal. they're gonna be giving me in. Close take pictures of them represent their brown but I definitely appreciate them reaching out. Shut up money apparel. Yeah that's awesome and I'll put that information in the podcast notes as well. It's also all going to be in the artist profile your feature tonight on never near stomping ground blog and that can be found at never near dot com slash king tragedy. So that's GonNa be publishing tonight and thank you so much for stopping by. Is there anything else that you'd like to add? No if anyone hasn't heard the make sure you guys definitely check it out. I feel like it some of my best work and it's only going to be getting better from here so if you guys haven't yet just hit out followed and make sure you guys are staying with the journey because it's all right excellent so that was my first interview on. Crystallized beat podcast. I hope that you enjoyed it. I want to say thank you so much to king tragedy for being my Guinea pig and letting me figure this out with him and there will be many more interviews to come so stay tuned. 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