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And where do they go for that as it selling to zebras dot com or it is in a cool yep yep selling zebras dot com it's risi defined um but the the books will walk you through the the hardest thing about doing voice of the customer is actually getting to power because after we sell a solution a lot of times the relationship if if we sometimes we never even met power even after we won business raid but if we have a lot of times it settles into the everyday user so you don't you don't have that relationship with the with the person that bought for for a for a business reason a solid business reason from from their perspective so now you've got to get back to them so you've got identify them you've got to give them a reason to speak to you and and that's what we lay out in the voice of the customer how do you do that how do you earn that conversation with them so that you can really crawl inside of why that person would by no were or like the top three on strategies that you have to to get you know outside of the end users to get to that personal power the person who you know has budgeted thority has signature power has negotiation power you know is negotiating with an users of a were who have zero economic powers old opic it is so so it starts with with zebras so it eat when you know the problem you solve and you know that the the that the prospect that your pursuing you found evidence they have that that that business issue and were simplifying it usually it's a it's a it's a it's a small basketful of business issues alleged say one and you target that account you you now no more than ninety nine percent of the reps out there because you you found evidence that they have their business problem and you and it's a problem the power cares about now you have died diet id all who might be power in it's like you said before it's not just one personal a larger count might have five or more people who might be power for your solution so you need to identify all of those people who might be power and we we.

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